Trolling the Net #75

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I have decided to move my Trolling the Net posts to Friday. They won’t be every week but they will still be fairly regular and also they are part of the hashtag on Twitter posting them on Saturday means they often don’t go live because I am concentrating on Sinful Sunday so, Friday it is from now on.


Oh what a tangled web by The Other Livvy

Cupid inspires lasting love and devotion but Elena uses her powers to ignite something much more lusty in people. I love Livvy’s tale of a web spinning entity that binds people together in physical desire.

“With each kiss, their passion energised Elena’s web and increased the potency of her influence. The werewolf was standing taller, the mouse leaning closer and smiling up at him. But this was boring! Intent on adding drama, Elena whipped her thread around the lines between them and pulled it back to connect in a muscle bound Thor wannabe.”

The responsibilities of fictional characters in erotica by Jerusalem Mortimer

I am firm believer that the responsibility of an author is to write a good story and very often a good story revolves around a problematic character. In this thoughtful piece Jerusalem explore this subject with reference to Christian Grey and also his own series he is writing centred around a Headmaster/student fantasy.

“But still, there is a difference, a space, between fantasy and real life, and it’s a space that erotica writers spend a lot of time in. It’s fluid and it’s complex, like the best sex, and we need to defend our freedom to have erotic fantasies that are perfectly sexy without necessarily being perfectly ethical.”

The Crow’s Whore by Floss Does Life

I love creepy sinister erotica and this time of year tends to bring a bonanza of the stuff which has been fabulous. This story by Floss is not the fainthearted but if you are not put off by hearts that pump outside bodies and the use of witchcraft to lure men then this is for you.

“When she reached the tree the crows flocked to her side, they were her most devoted servants and she always found their reaction to her to be exceptionally empowering. Her hands delved into a crevice located in the centre of the tree and there they found the small locked box that contained the part of her she so often shunned until like now, she needed it once more.”

Ethical Porn for Broke Folx! by Lupespace

So how do you pay for you porn when you are a broke? This is definitely a subject I have wondered about in the past and I am fairly sure there are plenty of people out there for whom having a budget for their porn is not realistic. This excellent list by Lupepace definitely gives some fantastic options for those looking for something in a limited budget.

“I’ve recently started consuming more porn, and since meeting and socializing with sex-posi folx and sex workers, I’ve become more invested in ethically consuming porn. But – I am often pretty broke. So how do I reconcile my empty wallet with my ever-growing libido?”


Morning Coffee by So Vague

This is just one of many beautiful images on this Tumblr blog. She does repost the odd thing but if you click on her archives you will see that most of her content, including this image, are beautifully crafted self portraits.

Who I am by Love and Lust in London

I fell in love with the image the moment I saw it. It is a spectacular setting for a nude self portrait but it is also brilliantly composed with the single track of footprints leading the eye up to his naked form which sits perfect on the rule of thirds axis and well, you know, he has a mighty fine derriere too.

Snuggled by A Leap of Faith

Gas masks are not my kink but there is something so startling and somewhat sinister about this image that I find myself very drawn too.

Broken Doll by Love, Violet

I have no idea how Violet achieved this image but it is absolutely brilliant in my opinion and makes me think of horror films freaky nightmares

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