Trolling the Net #34

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

It is that time again.  Time to join me for Trolling the net #34

Here are some bits and bobs I have found that you will hopefully find interesting.

1. I do love me a bit of blasphemous erotica and I also love me a bit of Tamsin Flowers so when you combine the two you have a winner. This piece is part of Tamsin’s A – Z blogging challenge, which I definitely recommend you check out but so far this short little gem of wickedness is my favourite. K is for Kneeling

2. This post by The Big Gay Review popped up in my Twitter timeline last week as he had updated it recently in a response to an article in GQ Magazine called Why are Men’s Sex Toys so Creepy. I have not read that article, I really don’t want to give them traffic when they are writing horrible shame filled pieces like this. However The Big Gay Review has written a brilliant rebuttal to the piece. Sex toys are not creepy for men, just like they women’s sex toys do not mean she is a slut. They are about pleasure and physical enjoyment no matter what your gender is. Guys, it’s totally OK to use sex toys.

3. Now for some breathtaking imagery and erotica. This piece by Cheeky Minx throbs with desire, need and passion. The photograph is stunning but the words flow off the page and make my heart thump. Dividing Line

4. How do you deal with conflict? I am sure the answer depends on the situation but in this instance it is with reference to conflict within relationships and particularly poly situations. Conflict by Seattle Poly Chick is a very honest and self-aware look at the subject. Despite not being in a poly situation myself this piece really resonated with me because I hate conflict and I know that I have at times definitely been guilty of not communicating openly in order to avoid it.

5. My video this week tackles the insane bathroom law’s that have been enacted in North Carolina. It is video’s like this which need to be broadcast on TV not the scaremongering info-commercials that imply transgender people are using bathrooms to perpetrate sexual crimes against unsuspecting women and girls

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Cheeky Minx April 23, 2016 - 12:54 am

I’m seriously chuffed you like that particular post since it has a special place in my heart.

~M x


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