Trolling the Net #70

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Welcome to the 70th Edition of Trolling the net. I skipped last week but I am back again this week with some delicious bits and bobs for you.


Smutathon 2018

Today a collection of talented writers are bashing away at their keyboards for 12 hours to create a ton of sexy smutty content in the hope of raising money for charity. You can find all the details by clicking on the link above but if you donate some money to this fabulous cause you also enter the raffle and could win yourself a very sexy prize.

His Woollen Jumper by Midnight at the Oasis

I think I am a very scent orientated person and this lovely sensual piece by Indigo Bird spoke to that part of me. It reminded me of keeping clothes of Michael’s when were apart just so I could smell them and how those scents bought back delicious memories.

“She raised her own jumper, hooked the band of her bra above her breasts exposing her nipples, then scoured the flesh with his woollen garment. The movement brought both friction and his scent with it and she bit her lip, imagining his body covering hers.”

Phoning it in by The Wonderful World of Witty

Phone sex was recently the topic on Kink of the Week and most people wrote fiction or about their own experiences with regards to their sex life but Witty wrote this fascinating piece about her experiences of being a phone sex operator.

“It was my big who had to remind me that I was the boss, not them. That I set my own rates, and it was up to me what I wanted to talk about. Once I got that down I was better able to serve my customers and establish boundries.”

Dis-moi by Love Hate Sex Cake

This week I found myself looking through most of Cheeky Minx’s back catalogue of work searching for an image to link to for a Sinful Sunday prompt. It took me much longer than it should have really because I kept getting utterly lost in her beautiful work both images and words and so I decided to offer you some delights from her past work in the form of this seriously hot piece about fucking other men

“Fuck, how it yearned for you. Pulsed at the vision of you as I was overcome by the sensation of him. As he drove into me from behind, as my back arched and each orgasm crashed over me, my hands gripping at the sheets corrupted by hours of our lust, I imagined you stepping out of the shadows, your ghostly figure turned flesh and blood, climbing onto the bed, the mattress sinking under your weight, the tender brush of your hand on my cheek…”


Sunlight and Shadow by Sex Matters

I love the colours in this, the way the water swirls around her arm and tummy and how her breast is a almost turned into a heart shape by the shadow.

All Access, Revisited by Holden and Camille

This is so fucking hot, the kiss, his hand on her cunt, her legs spread wide, the whole thing just makes me wet.

She is both hell fire and holy water by Megan Ayn

Tumblr is full of unattributed content but there are also some amazing artists sharing their work there, however they can be hard to find in the sea of black and white airbrushed perfection but this week I stumbled across this glorious image of Megan which is one of many on her blog.


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Posy Churchgate August 12, 2018 - 10:45 am

Particularly loved the Dis-moi piece, which I would’ve missed without this share, and Indie’s, which I had seen, but am still impressed with. Thanks Molly!


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