Trolling the Net #37

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

It is Saturday, yes, it really is the weekend again so hurrah for that and it means another chance to join in with and offer you some potential weekend delights to enjoy.

Before I do though, just a reminder that a new topic on Kink of the Week is up and as always both fiction and non-fiction writing inspired by the subject is welcome. The topic closes on the 16th November. Also a reminder that Elust is also open for submissions again. It is the 100th edition and it would be fabulous to celebrate that by making it a bumper list.


Souvenir by Violet

I can’t say I have ever met a Maths teacher like this but I think if I had then maybe I might not have hated the subject quite so much. What I really love about this piece is how the whole thing is really about anticipation and it left me longing for a hot mouth on my cunt.

Alone by Hannah Likes Dirty Words

This is a glorious celebration of masturbation and reclaiming ones body after a break up but the break up theme and the way she has woven in memories of the lost lover give it a bittersweet tinge.

‘A Nasty Name for a Nasty Thing’: A History of Cunt by Whore of Yore

This is a post from earlier in the year by Kate Lister but if you missed it first time round then I highly recommend making yourself a quick cuppa and sitting down for a read. I recommend the tea because it is a fairly long piece but if you are interested in etymology, the history of writing and sex and love the word cunt then you will find this absolutely fascinating stuff. #teamcunt

And Pictures

Pretty Perversions

I know that Tumblr is full if ripped off images but there are also a lot of artists doing interesting things on there too. Pretty Perversions is one such example. All the models are women are colour and the images are a beautiful diverse mixture of erotic photography.

Anarchy by Annie Savoy

I have no idea where this room is, if it is an office or a home but it is an amazing location to take photographs like this in. I think this shot is so incredibly hot. Despite the fact that all we really can see is her back the way she is positioned in front of the window and that fact that we can clearly see the buildings opposite actually creates a shot that feels deliciously exposing.

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