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Trolling the Net #40

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I hope you all had a fabulous week. For the Murricans, a belated Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have recovered from consuming a large amount of turkey. For the rest of us folks who didn’t have any extra days off this week I am sure you are glad to finally see another Saturday. Either way, let me offer you some sexy reading to celebrate.


Why should we call ourselves sinners? by Sex Matters

I left a comment on May’s post saying I don’t know if my teen viewing/reading of The Thorn Birds inspired my love of stories that corrupt religion or if I already had it and The Thorn Birds just tapped into it. Either way, this story totally feeds into that kink and I love it.

The Complete Works of Guy New York by Guy New York

One of Guy’s distributors of his erotic stories recently shut down which resulted in his books being deleted from some big online retailers. As a result he has repacked all his stories and is currently offering all 38 of his e-books into one bundle for $50. This is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on some truly fantastic erotic fiction and if you fancy a taster of his work before you do why not try this…. I don’t remember

Repeated Patterns by Cara Thereon

The 4 prompt words for this story were given to her by Michael and I. He picked clandestine, fractal (because he is tricky like that) and I picked photograph, and coat. I felt a bit worried for Cara with those 1st two words as I knew they would have flummoxed me but I shouldn’t have been because she is a very clever and skillful writer and she used to them create this glorious story about attraction and flirtation.

Don’t Call Me MILF!!! by Candy Snatch

I hate the term MILF and when Candy tweeted her feelings about it earlier this week I replied telling her I agreed. She has since wrote this post about it explaining in greater detail why she hates it all of which I agree with her one but this really jumped out at me “I noticed looking at my interactions over this issue that there was an obvious gender split. Not one solitary woman suggested she liked the term MILF.”


Free by Annie Savoy

The way the light is pouring in and illuminating her laying there is glorious, she looks like almost feline in her pose as if she is welcoming the sun’s rays on her naked body.

Steam by Maria Open’s Up

There is something slightly haunting and eerie about this shot by Maria and I think it would make a great image for a story prompt.

Friday Afternoon by Helen Scott.

I have a huge thing for being fingered and this image quite literally made my cunt twitch. I love seeing his fingers pushing into me and sharing Helen’s own view of that moment is seriously fucking hot.

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  • May More

    Ah thanks Molly so glad you liked my story – it’s only my second long fiction post and i so enjoyed writing it x

    • Molly Moore

      Then I look forward to reading more of your fiction


  • Hushes

    I think it’s less turkey and all the fixins mainly carbs. Still can’t move ?

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