Trolling the Net #33

by Molly Moore
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Time for Trolling the Net #33 and some little goodies to kick your week off with…

1. Are you going to Eroticonlive? If you are a sex blogger, an erotic author, a mix of the two or maybe a budding one then this is the conference for you. In its 5th year now, this annual conference held in the Bristol in the UK features a whole host of fabulous speakers (including yours truly) and social events over the course of a weekend. There is just under 10 weeks to go until this years event (21st/22nd May) so if you have not already got your tickets then I suggest you click this link, Eroticon Tickets, and change that oversight immediately.

2 Would you like to win a signed copy of Girl on the Net’s new book, “How a bad girl fell in love”? Of course you would. Then all you need to do is head over to Sex Blog of Sorts and she tell you exactly what it is you need to do to be in with a chance of winning and so far the field is fairly open so you might as well put fingers to keyboard and give your best shot. Hurry though, you only have a few days left to get your entry in.

3. The next link is to a piece that covers a topic that I have also written about before. In Bully for you I talked about how in my experience the worst bullying of women is perpetrated by other women. Rather than lifting one another up and respecting people’s different choices there is a strong tendency for women to tear women down. Last week sub-Bee wrote a similar post about the sexism she has experienced over the year and how more often than not it has come from women rather than men. Go read her fabulous rant on the subject: Everyday Sexism

4. My final offering to you this week is a piece by Jo from Teachers Have Sex called; Self-actualization in which she explains about her professional life and why exactly she writes a sex blog. It is a reminder to all of us that someone professional life does not define all of who they are, just as their sexuality or sexual preference do not either.

My kids and my job mean the world to me – but so does being able to be a self-actualized person like I encourage my kids to be.

All I can say is, the children who have had her as their teacher have in my opinion been very lucky indeed.

5. Recently the government in the UK blocked a move to make comprehensive Sex Education compulsory in ALL schools in the UK. Despite the fact that many key government ministers, including the Secretary of Education, pushed for it, our current idiotic Prime Minister tossed it out. One can only speculate as to why as no official statement on the matter has been forthcoming. As a parent of two teens this whole thing makes me a ranty mixture of very sad and utterly enraged at their stupidity. Developing young people to be productive, happy and healthy adults is about way more than just academic achievement, but clearly the Prime Minister couldn’t give a flying fuck about that. Anyway, enough ranting about him, my point for bringing this up is Norway. Norway has some of the best, most accessible, frank and comprehensive sex education in the world. We should be looking at them and weeping at the pathetic job we do in comparison. For example this is the kind of TV programs they make for their youth and bloody brilliant it is too!

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Elliott March 22, 2016 - 7:32 am

That puberty video is well done. Instructive, yet sexy at the same time… I will be dreaming of that Norse Goddess all night. I’d love to stay and chat more, but I have to go watch another… the boob one first. I may be typing one handed next time you see me tonight.

Molly Moore March 24, 2016 - 2:08 pm

We need stuff like this for our teenagers here in the UK



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