Trolling the Net #87

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Welcome to trolling the Net 87 and I am totally killing it with these round up’s this month. Can’t promise I will keep it up long term. I think bi-weekly is definitely a good goal to have but we shall see how things go. For now here are some…


There are two new memes in the sex blogging community that you should check out. If you are a blogger, then maybe think about joining in and if you are a reader then they are a great way to find content you enjoy

No True Way is run by Lillith Avir. You can read about the meme on the No True Way page and the first prompt can be found here. The meme is bi-monthly so there will be a new prompt at the beginning of July

Quote Quest is run by Little Switch Bitch. Basically each week the prompt is a quote which you can use to inspire your writing, images etc. It is a weekly meme which runs Friday to Wednesday.

Surviving A Bully (When You’re 35) by JoEllen Notte

I guess this post is techincal a post from the past is it was written in 2016 but it appeared in my twitter timeline today and the title caught my attention. There is SO much in this post that spoke to me and some of it felt painfully raw and I will need to come back and reread it again in the future where I can do so whilst not feeling quite so vulnerable but the whole post is full of wide words and wisdom. Sometimes Twitter is a nightmare and sometimes it delivers something just when you need to see it.

A bully may try to tear you down and make you doubt yourself and what you do by pointing out your alleged flaws and failings. Before buying into what they say you need to ask yourself “Is it possible that they just don’t like me? And do I care about that at all?”

Later that afternoon by Domme Chronicles

It made me want to go to the beach. It made me want to ride my bike. It made me want to spend easy hours with someone I love. Ferns writing has always been able to transport me but this post does it so effortlessly a bit like how spending time with someone in this way can be effortless.

Of course he knew I was spent, was annoyingly cocky with it, bouncing around full of energy and verve, his face gleeful with amusement when I stifled a groan. I squinted at him in mock-annoyance, which made him stupidly happy.”

Identity is complicated by Queer Courtesan

My journey with my sexual identity has been long and complex at time. I have definitely had periods where I have denied parts of it for various complex reasons and also failed to ‘see’ the truth of it at times too. I feel finally like I am settling into it in a way I have never done before but reading other peoples stories on this topic is always interesting and often self illuminating too.

I’m sure my queerness will continue to fluctuate and shift and change as I grow and learn and explore new things. It’s comfortable most of the time, a part of me in the same way my hair or collar is. And other times it’s frustrating and a language barrier and it’s easy to slip into wouldn’t it be easier to stay quiet?


Moonlight and Rainstorms by Little Switch Bitch

I think this might be my new favourite image of LSB’s. It is an absolute feast for the eyes and I consumed and consumed.

Appetite by Violet Fawkes

This one makes me think so many dirty things and also Violet has the most beautiful mouth.

Wild by Happy Come Lucky

Just got and look at this. You will not disappointed.

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