Trolling the Net #83

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

Yes I know, I have left this too long again but life has been a fucker and I have been muddling through. I am hoping that will gradually improve over the next few months and this will become a bit more regular again.

One of things I have decided to do with my Trolling the Net post is to include at least one link to someones past content. It is lovely to highlight current/new content but many of us have lots and lots of excellent back content too and that can often get lost in the archives so each time I do one of these round ups I am going to dip back into someones blog and find something fabulous to share with you.


The KissCast

These are definitely words but not ones you read but ones you listen to because my podcast is BACK. There will be a new episode every week for the next 12 weeks featuring a host of different guests. We are currently up to episode 3 so you have a bit of catching up to do and you can always subscribe to the site to get a notification of a new post. You can also listen on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify

Introduction to the new season

Episode 1 – Hyacinth Jones

Episode 2 – Cass Ford

Episode 3 – Annie Savoy

Piledriver Observations by Lascivity

Sometimes you just read a post and to you it is absolute pure filth that just seems to speak directly to you cunt. On this occasion that is because it taps straight into my desire to be used.

“When I fuck her like this I can, at any time, look down and see my cock entering her body. The thick girth of me penetrating the smooth mound of her pubis. From this angle the scale looks all off, like there cannot possibly be space inside her to accommodate me. Like there is no way I could fit… and yet, as I thrust myself home, I do.”

I got Paddled. And more by Pieces of Jade

I will admit a new found interest in paddles of late and so I was curious to read this by Jade. There are SO many parts of it that are hot to me, the paddling and fucking, the forcing her to her knees to suck him and then ride him and then him coming on the paddle at the end, well almost the end because then he tells her to undress him and well…. HOT!

“I could feel my butt getting warm and my pussy getting wet, and it wasn’t long before he was pushing me harder against the wall and himself between my legs, smacking and fucking me and fucking and smacking me”

The Crow’s Whore By Floss Does Life

This is my blast from the past. This one definitely fits into the horror erotica genre which is why it totally does it for me, dark and menacing with a totally cliffhanger ending, if you missed it last year when Floss first published it then you should absolutely correct that now.

“When she disrobed he let out a small murmur of horror, she was used to this though. Dark magic had taken its toll on her body, his first taste of her though would bind him to her, then his uncertainty and disgust would wane and he would be hers forever.”


Net by Deviant Succubus

I absolutely love this image, the shapes and patterns and just how bold and sexy she looks in this shot.

Skin, Shadows, Colours by Steeled Snake

There is just something about the colours in this and how she appears to be bathing in them that I find glorious and it also reminds me of those moments when you lay sated and happy in a crumpled bed.

Polka by My Controlled Ascent

I have a MASSIVE thing for red shoes and an almost equally big thing for polka dots so combine the two and you have my attention.

I am… By Maria Open’s Up

This is my image blast from the past. This is one of those pictures that makes me sit and stare. It definitely appeals to my love of dark and creepy images.

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kisungura October 26, 2019 - 12:40 pm

Thank you Molly x

slave sindee October 28, 2019 - 1:07 am

wonderful choices Thank You

Steeled Snake Charmer October 28, 2019 - 6:08 pm

Thank you!

Jupiter Grant October 28, 2019 - 10:01 pm

Great selection, and a wonderful idea including older posts. ?


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