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Molly with dark black blood in her mouth and red bloody lips and chin

She knew she wasn’t supposed to. Everyone like her knew they weren’t supposed to, but sometimes she would forget herself and do it anyway.

Something they just felt too good between her thighs as they thrust their hot hard dicks up into the cool paleness of her body. Sometimes they looked at her in such a way that seemed to invite her into their souls. Sometimes the noise they made when she spread her legs wide for them made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she fought the urge. Sometimes their lips on hers made her mouth water with need. Sometimes the smell of them as they filled her was almost overwhelming.

And sometimes the truth was that they just seemed to be fucking asking for it.

But sometimes she just didn’t feel like not doing it because sometimes you just have to give into your urges and be exactly who you are. Sometimes…

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  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • Victoria Blisse

    Oh. This is so fucking hot. So.hot. Rawrr.

  • missy

    OMG. This is amazing. It is everything! 🙂

  • Sweetgirl

    Suggestive and sexy 😊

  • kisungura

    Raw and powerful combination of image and words Molly, I love the primal feel to them both, really dramatic shot! I love people getting a little dark this near to Halloween…

  • May More

    “Sometimes” an image and story match perfectly – this is that time – great combination x

  • Kayla

    Wow. This is very hot!

  • DeviantSuccubus

    I really love this! It is sexy, and raw!

  • Marie Rebelle

    Brilliant image, Molly, but this week it’s your words that really caught my attention, that really resonate with me. Yes, sometimes we just need to give in to the urges.

    Rebel xox

  • HappyComeLucky

    Damn hot, Molly!

  • Littlegem

    Really interesting image, a good mix of creapy and sexy!

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Goodness . . . that photo !!!

    And Yes to . . . “sometimes you just have to give into your urges and be exactly who you are” !!!

    Xxx – K

  • Jupiter Grant

    I love it! Great words and an amazing image 👄

  • NPE

    I volunteer!

  • Julie

    Oh wow Molly. The words and the image are so powerful xx

  • Denver Ladies

    Such a wonderful blog. I loved it. Every executive needs to follow this. Keep sharing great information. We hope to get more from your blog.

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