Trolling the Net #86

by Molly Moore
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Here we go… Trolling the Net 86 and yay for managing another round up again this month. I am awarding myself a round-up star just because I can!


Washed or Washing by Little Switch Bitch

I love the way she describes how her partner washes her hair but I also love her description of washing him and how the water and soap moves over his body and through his body hair. This whole post made me long to share a shower again soon

I love feeling his skin under my fingers as I wash him. I love watching the bubbles run down his body and I adore the patterns the water makes on his body as it moves through his body hair. In fact, I enjoy that so much that I love to watch him in the shower too. I enjoy watching each of the muscles of his body changed shape as he twists and turns as he washes.

After the End: Creating & Negotiating a Contract Conclusion Plan by The Wench Works

The title of this post caught my eye because I had never heard of a Contrast Conclusion Plan and it made me curious to read more about what it was. I never had a formal D/s contract let alone a conclusion one but I really liked this idea especially when it comes to more casual relationships. As someone how is beginning to explore with other people and potentially have friends with benefits this post made me think about how we talk a lot about what we want it to be like when we are together but very little talk about afterwards both immediately so and in the slightly more long term. This post really made me think about how I can employ these ideas in the future with potential partners.

One of the things that we’ve always done at the end of a scene or relationship is talk with each other and with our Playmates (separately and over the course of several days) to engage in a process of reflection and evaluation that helps us all figure out what went well and what we could do better for next time. We take time to explore the process from first contact to the end—through negotiation, preparation, scene and after care—to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses and improve our practice.

BICON 2020

It is Pride month and there has been a lot of conversation about LGBTQ+ issues and identities over the last few weeks. I thought this conference might be really interesting to those who identify with or even are in a relationship with a bisexual person. Due to Covid 19 for the 1st time ever it will be a virtual event that is also free to attend.

I feel numb: being trans while the terfs are tweeting by On Queer Street

This post absolutely ripped me apart. Seeing it all laid out like this, a constant litany of erasure and hatred for trans and NB folks really bought home to me how fucking horrendous it all is and if you are a trans or NB person how utterly overwhelming living in a world where this is what you see every day must be. My huge privilege means that I don’t experience this but this post by Quinn gave me a powerful and heart breaking glimpse into it. If you are a cis person you should read it too and sit a while with how it will probably make you feel.

“It’s the fact that they announced this during Pride, in the middle of a pandemic. It’s the fact they announced this on the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, four years after forty-nine people died and fifty-three more people were injured in a mass shooting at the gay nightclub. It’s people who don’t see that Rowling’s tweets that say sex is defined by biology are based on the same rhetoric that let’s the Trump administration wipe out health care discrimination protections for all trans people in the US, and that’s why we’re scared.”


Over the rainbow by Vanilla Free Sex

I loved reading about Storm’s experience with strap-on sex but it was slightly hard to concentrate on the words because this image was so damn distracting.

A Loving Moment by Blue Submission

In a world that is currently devoid of intimate touch this image makes me ache with need

I see by Love is a Fetish

Both theses images are glorious and she is absolutely right about the fact she is beautiful but my other reason for picking this image is the words in the tattoo on her forearm. They are words that someone literally said to me last night when I was upset about someones behaviour. They have buzzed around in my head all day today and seeing them on Nikki’s arm made me smile happily at finding yet another thing that draws me to Nikki.


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