Trolling the Net #72

by Molly Moore
white keyboard keys showing the letters F R V C for trolling the net

Welcome to Trolling the Net 72. I didn’t do a round-up last week as we were away at Kinkfest. I am also thinking of making this feature something I post every other week rather than weekly but I have not made a final decision on that as yet. For now here I am with a selection of bits and pieces for you to enjoy.


Compelling by Mrs Fever

A hard penis is a great thing but as Mrs Fever says in her piece a flaccid one is compelling. I love her descriptions in this piece of touching him when he is soft, the intimacy of feeling and learning his body that way. Sharing that with a lover is a beautiful thing.

I like the feel – physically and emotionally – of holding him while his tenderest bits are at their most defenseless. The feeling of connecting. Exploring. Learning (and re-learning) his body.

Bleed all over me by Scandarella

A couple of weeks ago I included Ella’s story of vicious vampires in my round-up. Much to my delight she has written an equally bloody part two to this story and assures me that there will be more to come.

“When the fourth one notices the twitching behind my zip he lunges forward, panting, trying to get my cock out of my pants and in his mouth before I finish him. The sound of his neck breaking makes my balls ache.”

Teddy’s Tentacles by On Queer Street

This piece ticks so many dirty boxes for me that I basically left a comment on it that was me going…..uunnnnfff. Daddy, little girls, watching and teddy make Molly squirm.

Teddy gets to watch with me, and Teddy is allowed to touch my cunt. Or rather, I’m allowed to rub against his soft fur while I watch Daddy to bad things to the other girls.

The Key of Love by The Raven Nest

This is a story that you think is going one way but then turns into some thing much darker. I don’t want to give too much away but this tale of love deals with terminal illness and death so might not be for everyone.

“She didn’t even care if the neighbors heard as Heath brought her to orgasm after orgasm in every way he could imagine. She fell asleep her head on his chest knowing Heath would love her forever.”


Vanilla Housewarming gone wrong by A Leap of Faith

There is something about the contrast between the vanilla clothing and the fetish bobble head that makes this such a striking image. There is just a really strong real life feel to it that I like as well as it being funny too.

Patterns and Light by Pieces of Jade

The curtains make me think of running of water and waterfall and just love how they have made her look a bit like a shimmering mirage.

Superior by Frisky in the 916

There is something so very sexy about the way she is crouching over him.

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Trautaruan September 3, 2018 - 6:37 pm

It was our housewarming where A Leap of Faith was bobbled! Great to see you appreciate the image, it’s nice to share the reality of having kinky friends, we aren’t always so serious! ?


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