Trolling the Net #82

by Molly Moore
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I know, I know, where has Trolling the Net been? On a little hiatus while I try to manage my time better. I shall continue to do these round up’s but probably on a monthly basis as I don’t think I have enough time to fit it in every week. With that bit done, on we go with Trolling the Net #82….


[That’s My Kink] Knife Play by Floss Does Life

It is no secret that I love knives and knife play so this post by Floss definitely ticked some boxes for me. Firstly I love the image she took to go with it but also her writing on the subject really captured much of what I love about this kink.

“Let’s start with the fact knives are pretty and shiny. The look freakin’ sexy and someone sexy holding one while they promise to do wicked things to you just makes me cum in my pants. Things that are deadly but look pretty are fascinating to me. You know how some people love a bad boy. They’re usually dark and brooding, making terrible choices all over the place, bound to hurt everyone they charm yet people all over the world will fall at their feet. Knives are like shiny metal bad boys. You know they’re bad for you but fuuuuck they’re just too sexy to resist.”

It’s Summer- Do You have a Summer Body? by E. L. Bryne

This piece really got me thinking about my body and how I feel about it. It can be so easy to view it through a negative lens, it’s to old, wobbly, stretched etc and the messages we have received from various places can really warp how we see ourselves. However, like the author I also don’t own a one piece swimming costume and have intention of doing so and it made me realise that like her I do love my body too

“When I told my flatmate a few months ago that I only owned bikinis, she was flabbergasted. She made me show her, she didn’t believe me. She asked me, “How can you do that?” I ignored the fact that her incredulity was a sign of her believing that I didn’t have the right body for a bikini, and tried to focus on the body positivity that maybe I could pass on to her.”

I want you to come in me by On Queer Street

I have a massive thing for jizz. I like being come on but I like being come in even more. It is probably one of my biggest kinks and so it won’t be difficult for you to work out why I loved this post by Quinn

“I want someone to come in me just because they can, because they have me all tied up and can fuck me however they want. Their will act as lube for the bigger toys they push into my holes, while telling me how cute I struggle and beg and whimper. They fuck me with glass dildos and silicone dicks, and they tease me for how turned on I get at the sound of my cunt squelching as they play with me. They fuck all of their come out of me with the toys, and then come inside my much-used cunt again.”

The Smutlancers Patreon

This is a new project that I have been meaning to shout about for a little while now. I have teamed up with my wonderful friend to start a Smutlancer community for those bloggers/writers who are looking to develop and improve what they currently do. There are various different tiers to hopefully suit all budgets and so far the little community that is forming as part of this project has been a lot of fun.

“Creating content online is never easy. Doing it when you discuss sex, sexuality, gender, kink, or any other smutty topic is even more difficult. We’re here to help you succeed as a Smutlancer — that is, someone who creates content (writes, podcasts, vlogs, takes pictures) and makes money doing it. Between us, we’ve written millions of words and created countless pieces of content. And in the process, we’ve learned a lot. Now, we’re sharing that with you.”


Crawl for me by Cleareyedgirl

Because I love a good hotel room and because she is so fucking sexy

Sleep in moonlight by Annie Savoy

This is such a sensuous image. A perfect black and white…

Bright Morning by Maria Open’s Up

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about this image that captivates me but it is one of those images that makes me want to tell stories.

Spidey Senses by Missus Whispers

I want Spiderman pants! And also a huge welcome back to blogging, Missus Whispers, it so very lovely to see you again.

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E.L. Byrne July 26, 2019 - 9:15 pm

Thanks for mentioning my piece! Happy Bodies unite!!

Molly Moore July 26, 2019 - 11:20 pm

You are welcome


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