Trolling the Net #76

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 76 in it’s new Friday night slot so as not to clash with Sinful Sunday and to give you all weekend to enjoy some deliciously sexy reading.


Domme-sticity by Knkstriped

One thing about being in a D/s relationship is to be careful what you ask for because sometimes what you get is not what you were expecting. This story captures that and a wonderful D/s dynamic perfectly.

“I sit. She hands me my mug carefully to avoid dripping the scalding hot liquid on me. Fierce, and sadistic she may be, but she’d never allow any harm to come to me. She likes to hurt me, but only on our agreed terms.”

A Guide to Consent by Pandora Blake

Pandora/Blake runs a consent workshop as part of her work with Backlash called Getting and Giving What We Want. The next one is in January if you are interested in attending but if that is not possible for you then you can download the Getting and Giving What We Want leaflet which covers the key aspects of the workshop from this blog post

“If you can possibly come to the next workshop, you’ll encounter a lot more which isn’t covered in the leaflet; plus fun partner exercises and other learning tools to help each participant discover their own boundaries and preferred communication strategies.”

Leave the Orgasms at the Office by Feisty Fox Films

This is a really fascinating piece about Taylor’s relationship with sex work, their body and their sex life. Sex workers are so often dehumanised that is lovely to read about someone’s experience with the work they do and how that informs their life in other ways.

“Sex work gives me the opportunity to explore parts of myself and others that I don’t always get – both physically and mentally. Being a sex worker and sex educator allows me to employ a wide range of my skills and interested – photography, writing, networking, sex/uality, psychology, and more – in ways that fulfill me and make me feel like I’m in the right place.”

Fucking Mind by Rebel’s Notes

Lots of what sex bloggers write about it is the really hot sexy, make your cock hard or your cunt wet, stuff but the reality is that sex is not always perfect or magical or happy to even good and writing about that stuff can be particularly difficult. One person who has done it a lot of late is Rebel. It is one of the many reasons she placed in the No.1 spot on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 list, for writing content that tackled those difficult subjects and this post is a perfect example of what I am talking about. It deals with mismatched libidos and also how the submissive mind can work sometimes to the detriment of everything.

““I have an itch,” he said, and I instantly knew what he wanted me to do, but I didn’t move. He took my hand and put it on his crotch. I lightly started scratching and squeezing his balls.

Let this be over quickly.

I was startled when this thought flash through my mind. Where the fuck did that come from. I should be thrilled at the prospect of having sex again after 7 weeks, shouldn’t I?”


Grip by Focused and Filthy

There is no other way of saying this…. this image speaks directly to my cunt!

Pencil Work by Exposing 40

Oh those smokey eyes and that direct stare into the camera. This image is beautiful and sexy and should be hung on a wall somewhere

Yellow in Black and White by Pieces of Jade

I do love a sinister chilling image and this one definitely ticks that box big time. I am also fascinated how the edit has made the cloth look like black plastic wrap. It is just such a brilliant image.

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Marie Rebelle December 7, 2018 - 8:02 pm

Thank you for choosing this post, Molly.

Rebel xox

Old & New #SoSS #59 - Rebel's Notes December 29, 2018 - 1:47 pm

[…] post, Fucking Mind, was mentioned by Molly in her post, Trolling the Net #76: Lots of what sex bloggers write about it is the really hot sexy, make your cock hard or your cunt […]


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