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6th April

The sunlight spills over our naked bodies as I cling onto you like a limpet to her rock, a tide of emotions sweeping over me which cause my breath to come in shuddered gasps. Your arms tighten round me as my tears fall on your chest and mingle with the sheen of sweat that covers your skin. You have taken me to that place again where I am lost to myself. It is a place I cannot travel to alone, only you can drive me there, strip away the layers of me, exposing all that I am which brings about a total physical abandonment of myself to you.

It is a journey that brings a release like no other and leaves me vulnerable and shaking as my emotions and senses collide within me, fighting it out amongst themselves to try to make sense of something they should understand and be able to control but which have in fact have become a complete jumbled mess.

None of these things matter though, as I am safe, held in your arms, loved by you so completely just as I love you back, I am with you, just as much as you are with me. Our bodies entwined together, holding onto one another, the sunlight fills the room, illuminating an age old scene of lovers sated, only you and I know that this is not just any love, this is our love. Total completion found within another person, physically, mentally and emotionally just as the moon and the tide are locked together in perpetual motion so we are locked together by this, love.




This weeks writing prompt for Wank Wednesday is #tide. Don’t forget to check out who else is playing along both there and of course don’t forget to be wanton…….






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  • Dusk

    You’re a beautiful writer, you know.

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you very much….I have little faith in it myself so comments like this are very welcomed.


  • DDD

    Molly, this is so beautiful. The words, the image, and the fact that the two of you have found one another. Such bliss.

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you my friend….I am blessed.


  • Clive

    Beautiful, indeed, Molly. And. remember, springs or neaps, they always return to your shore 🙂

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you Clive…that is a lovely thing to say. I like the idea that I am just waiting for the tide to bring Him back to me. Perfect


  • Rubyyy Jones

    Seriously Sweet!
    I Looove It Molly

    • mollyskiss

      Thank you Ruby xxx

  • Aussiescribbler

    Very romantic.

  • Princess Cat

    The imagery is so clear and sensual. It’s beautiful Molly xxx

  • Ruby Kiddell

    Such a touching, piece all the sweeter for being truth not fiction.
    Thanks for joining in again this week Molly.
    Ruby x

    • mollyskiss

      Your welcome Ruby and thank you for letting me be part of Wank Wednesday. I hope you don’t mind that it is not ‘fiction’ as such….but as you say, words of truth that were triggered by your prmopt.


  • paula.harris

    Lovely Molly!. 🙂

  • DalideB

    Hello. I found your comment on my WW post and my curiosity lead me here. I am blown away by what you wrote. So sensual and romantic. It oozes through that you love each other very much.

    Keep up the good work!


    • mollyskiss

      Thank you very much…a win for curiosity then!

      I am truly blessed to have Him in my life.


  • Erika Moran

    This is not just any love, this is our love – beautiful idea and I loved the way you expressed it

  • Wynn Scarlett Frost

    This is very beautiful and romantic. Le sigh, I am a (hopeless) romantic.

    Looking forward to reading more of you writing. 🙂


    • mollyskiss

      You will find quite a lot of it dotted around here, my blog has a strong BDSM theme which is interwoven with the passionate love we have for each other.


  • Livi

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Kayla

    Very sexy! I like how cute both of your toesies are. Plus, his legs are really interesting when juxtaposed next to yours; I really like it.

  • slut

    This is definitly one of my most favorites…

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