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The Big Ugly Challenge!

cat in erotic photography

Do you know The Big Ugly? If you are a regular here on my blog then I am sure you do as she was one of my 20 of 2012 blogs that I listed at the beginning of the year. A few weeks ago I saw that she was having a photography challenge on her site and so I decided to ditch the camera trigger and return to the old days of setting the timer and dashing into the shot. Although many of the images on my blog were taken in this manner the purchasing of a trigger has certainly changed things and to be honest I had forgotten just how damn hard it is when you don’t have that handy little button to press but on the other hand just how rewarding it can be when you have sweated through umpteen shots to finally hit on a little bit of photography magic. Somehow that makes all the previous fails all worth while because they have all lead to the one moment when you did get it right.

I decided to keep things simple and not venture out looking for a location, time was not really on my side, and so the garden seemed like the perfect spot particularly as for once the skies in the UK were filled with sunshine rather than dull grey heavy cloud that is, more often than not, the norm here. I took 25 pictures in all, with the sun behind me and on or around the garden bench. I even managed to get a large and very sore friction burn on my butt from repeatedly twisting round on the bench to hang upside down with my legs in the air….

Upside naked woman

and it would seem that, currently, no photo shoot of mine is complete without the obligatory cat bombing moment….

cat in erotic photography

I did get some others that I really liked and have put them away in my ‘to be used’ file as they will fit perfectly in some future that I have planned and then of course there was the one that I sent to Lauralyn….

sexy arse photography

It seems that a bit like with my Sinful Sunday weekly round-up’s she had trouble picking her favourites and so as there were only 9 entries she picked us all and wrote lovely things about every one too ;The Big Ugly Self-Portrait Challenge results! I have to say the standard was exceptional and I find myself listed in a truly talented line up of photographers. As a result I will soon be the proud owner of a Big Ugly t-shirt, which of course will be a very good reason to take some more self portrait shots.

I am so glad Lauralyn set this challenge because taking part really reminded me just how tough dash photography is and although I have always known that Lauralyn is a genius it reminded me just how much hard work goes into her amazing images.


Ps.. Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Wicked Wednesday

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  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • Beck

    You look really great. My kitty, Dopey, looks a lot like yours. 🙂

  • SassyCat

    Very nice..
    Congrats on winning in “The Big Ugly” photography challenge. And I look forward to seeing a photo of you in the new t-shirt 😀

  • Bunny

    Great job and such a lovely kitty photo bomb on the 2nd picture 🙂

  • Silverdrop

    Laughing at the cat bombing. Lovely pics, with or withoutthe pussy. :~)

  • Marie Rebelle

    Beautiful images. I love the one you sent in, I love the top one but what I love the most is seeing your face again. It made me smile and I even heard your voice again 🙂

    Sweet memories…

    Rebel xox

  • Modesty Ablaze

    You are truly an inspiration. Your pictures almost always make me smile and feel warm inside, whilst AT THE SAME TIME, make me tingle with arousal . . . and envy!!! A strange, but compelling attraction. Simply lovely!!
    Xxx – K

  • Penny

    Wow I love all of them, and I so know what you mean about cat bombing photos lol. And you have more that you’re saving?? Awesome job! I’m glad you decided to share these with us as well as the entry photo. 🙂

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Love seeing the other pics (and your beautiful kitty – aren’t they curious beasts?). I really had a blast with this competition, so I’m glad you did too!

    xx Dee

  • KaziG

    Wow, wish I’d known about it, seeing as that’s my specialty 😉
    Some amazing pics there! yours of course among them

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Lauralyn

    AWEsome, Molly! I love seeing the outtakes from your Big Ugly Challenge dash photo shoot! And to see Penny, and Curvaceous Dee here as well – makes it feel like a little reunion of sorts 🙂 Thanks again, Molly et al – for making the challenge more of a success than I’d ever imagined it would be!!! Love You Guys!

  • John

    Cats get everywhere where they aren’t supposed to go! 🙂

    Lovely photographs!

  • Nymphomaniac Ness

    I really love the last picture, very arty =)

  • Lord Raven

    Of course the cat had to show up, nothing like a shot with 2 pussy together. Sorry couldn’t resist. I can imagine it is quite the challenge to get such beautiful shot like that on a quick run to beat the timer.

  • Heather Cole

    I LOVE the photo bombs by your kitty! I’m also impressed by your photography acumen, Molly. I admire your photos so much. You’re gorgeous!

  • Jade

    As I mentioned in the comment I just left on her blog, I so wish I had known about this in time to play along! I am no photographer, and I am privileged that the Guys do most of my photos for me, but what fun that would have been! (Woe to me that there are only so many hours in the day, and not enough to follow & read all the blogs I want!)

    In any case…well done, Molly! 🙂

  • Cammies on the floor

    I saw her challenge, subscribing and seeing all her posts, and am so excited that you participated. My other sister would’ve done a beautiful job of it, but she was ill for quite awhile recently.
    Can’t wait to see you find uses for the other pictures.

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