An English Rose

By on July 21, 2013.

I took these myself in the garden this week. The weather was beautiful and I was outside trying to take pictures for the Kink of the Week when I suddenly I had the brilliant idea of climbing in amongst the rose-bush. I set up the camera on the tripod, got the shot in frame and in focus and then wriggled up into the bush. Doesn’t sound too bad right? What you can’t see is that this rose has vicious big sharp thorns that my skin to piece each year when I prune it and the blooms, they are absolutely adored by the bees. I knew the bees would be cool as long as I didn’t do anything erratic and so avoiding the thorns was fairly important. The whole bush literally buzzed around me while I shot these but it was so worth it as I think they came out brilliantly.

They are all slightly different and I added a couple of editing techniques to some but I couldn’t pick a favourite so I am posting them all and letting you decide which one you like the best

Image 1: Straight out of the camera, no editing at all.

Naked in rose garden

Image 2: Lowered the clarity to give it a softer finish

Naked woman covered in Roses

 Image 3: Added an ‘aged photo’ edit

naked girl on rose garden

Image 4: Added a ‘colour filter’ edit

naked in the garden


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  1. Wow, these are gorgeous Molly! If you were nervous from the bees/thorns, it definitely doesn’t show in the photos; you look completely natural and at ease!
    Penny recently posted..Foxy LadyMy Profile

  2. Your post this week is beautiful. I love the first picture! You look like a ballerina and the roses make a perfect skirt around you 😉 love it!!!

  3. What wonderful images, all lovely in their own way.
    You ask us to choose a favourite! Well you know me and decisions. However this time quick and decisive 🙂 I choose number 4, Not for the editing but for your pose, which suggests to me that you want the viewer to follow you through to the secret garden beyond .

  4. My favorite is the third photo, although all of them are excellent shots. But to me you appear like a rose bud nymph, a nude fairy admiring the roses, totally unaware of eyes laid upon you. By the way, those are beautiful roses. xxx
    Scarlett DuBois recently posted..Lick it like a lollipopMy Profile

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