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Molly with leather floggers

I think about you often, you touch me like nothing else does. You are amazingly graceful moving with a purpose and force that somehow just seems to add to your natural beauty. You are darkness and so am I; could that be why we love each other so much? Because we do, as much as I love you, you love me too. You love to wrap your leather tendrils around my flesh, caressing my skin and driving your power deep into my muscles. Sometimes you love me so much that you need more and with the tips of your life you curl around me and leave your stinging hot finger prints; little raised bubbles, welt like in appearance, dot my thighs and the side of my arse like a trail of little kisses. You make me throb with heat, desire, and longing for more of you. Can we ever get enough of each other? The answer seems to be no, there can never be enough of the flogger and me

Flogging is without a doubt my favourite impact play. It taps into my love of heavy thuddy sensations that crash through my body. I can feel it deep inside me and I love that sensation. We have two floggers, a custom-made straight tailed flogger, made heavy and thicker at Sir’s request in an attempt to help feed my need for thud and a set of dusters, the tendrils are  shorter and run in a loop creating a double line that when used together can quite literally knock the breath out of me. They are similar in feel and yet different. The dusters are more focused, less likely to wrap round my flash and leave stinging marks with the tips of the leather but the heavy flogger is without a doubt my true love. I adore the look of this toy, it has a powerful beauty, the leather is soft to the touch, almost velvet like and the added length of the handle and the leather means that all the power of his swing can be delivered with a heavy thud and sometimes, when he wants it, or he knows I need it all that can come with a stinging heat of the ends as they lovingly curl round my curves and bite.

bent over table waiting to be flogged

*We bought both our flogger from the lovely Saint Leather and I can not recommend her enough. Her work is absolutely beautiful and in all our travels around fet shopping we have never come across floggers as well made as hers.


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  • Mia

    A love affair with floggers we have!!!


  • Hope Always.

    I can second your statement about the floggers from Saint Leather. Both the one I got from you and the dusters my friend has. Both wonderful to hold and swing, and like you in many ways love the feel of them on my skin.

  • Malflic

    Beautifully written and lovel images as always. Now If you’ll excuse me I need to go do a bit of shopping. You know; just in case I need to shake off my fluffy image.

  • SubReiSkyeM

    Beautiful words on flogging and floggers! The way you described them in the first paragraph was deeply romantic and I really enjoyed reading it.

    We might have to see about getting a flogger of our own from Saint Leather sometime!

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