by Molly Moore

3rd September 2010

I got myself into such a state writing the Jeans Challenge that I am not sure I finished it properly and so here I am with a Ps…….

That night I feel asleep in His arms, exhausted and drained and so blissfully happy and I felt like all my cares and worries had been lifted, I had found a place where I truly belonged, where I could truly be me.

The next morning I remember waking and in an instant the memories of the evening before flooded my brain. For a moment I just lay there, remembering, absorbing it all and trying to imprint every part of it into my mind. I didn’t want to forget any of the details. The bed next to me still held his warmth from where he had laid and I snuggled down into it breathing his scent deeply into my lungs. I do so love the way he smells and it’s one of the things I miss most when I am not with Him. Anyway, must not get distracted on that topic…… I lay and remembered and dozed while he showered and got ready for his day ahead, until eventually the need to pee drove me from my warm nest.

Bite mark bruisesIt was then that I discovered that The Jeans Challenge had not only left its mark in my brain but on my body too. My neck was stiff and my shoulder ached and when I looked in the mirror I discovered the most beautiful sexy bruises on my tender backside. I felt like I had run a marathon or been in a fight, but then again, I guess I had. I stood looking in the mirror at myself and smiled. I love the marks he leaves on me and these ones were pretty special and all through that day and the next, every movement I made reminded me of the jeans challenge and I knew then that when he says he will ‘show me’ he really does mean it.


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goddessv September 3, 2010 - 6:31 am

hehehe… love it 😉 you are a naughty naughty girl … you are :p


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