32 Minutes

by Molly Moore

16th July

Day 5 of the task; masturbate for 32 minutes…..but it does not have to be all on one go. The day started off with me slipping back into bed once the house was empty and indulging in 15 minutes one on one time between my fingers and my slippery wet pussy. It was a slow exploratory sort of play whilst I let my mind wander to what might be in store for me on Monday morning but it had to come to a grinding halt when the urge to just let go and cum started to control things.

The rest of the day turned into a constant, hand in pants, kind of day. It is like something is forever nagging at me, as if I have an annoying little itch that just has to be scratched, well not scratched exactly but touched, felt, caressed and then for a moment it feels better until all of a sudden it is there again, niggling away at me, calling out to my wandering fingers, and try as I might I just cannot keep them under control and then twitter nearly landed me a crippling blow in the form of Willfulenslaved’s Tumblr.

I have followed Willful on Twitter for a good long time now and I have to say that without a shadow of a doubt she is the sexiest woman on my timeline. If someone said to me, you can have a new body (not that I don’t like mine but hey, no one would turn down a new one) I would point them in the direction of her Tumblr and say, “like that one, please”. If she reads this I am sure she will say I have made her blush but she also knows, as I have never been quiet about it, that physically she absolutely sets my girl lust on fire. So when Sir muttered to me that she had posted a picture of herself all wet from the shower I just had to go and look.

Let me just add this was not a child free evening and so I had to go and find a few quiet moments in my bedroom while The Simpsons kept their attention and so yes, just in case The Simpsons failed, this too was another hands down my pants moment. I sat on the edge of my bed with the lap top on the bedside table and got thoroughly lost in Willful’s fabulous Tumblr. I flicked from picture to picture, whilst my fingers burrowed away in my ever increasingly wet pussy, imagining just what it might be like to not have my hands in my pants but to have them in her pants, to slowly undress her and use my mouth and fingers to thoroughly explore every inch of her divine body before giving my full attention to her pussy and making her cum over and over again until she lay spent and exhausted beneath me…..Apparently I get a bit growly while I am doing this, or so he told me afterwards.

So that was the remained of my time and now day 5 is complete and as from tomorrow, there is to be no touching at all, unless completely necessary for toileting or shaving purposes that is. I have no idea how on earth I am going to manage this because even as I write this now, I have a hand down my pants, nursing my ache.


Ps… Unfortunately Willfulenslaved’d Tumblr no long exists 🙁

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Dalide B July 16, 2011 - 7:05 pm

I’ve checked out willfulenslaved’s tumblr, and you are right, she is every bit as hot as you describe her! Have you seen the pic with the rolling pin? Amazing..

2 more days! You must be on the verge of exploding by now…

mollyskiss July 16, 2011 - 7:35 pm

Indeed I have, specially as I am a rolling pin user myself.

As for exploding….I feel like someone is gradually turning up the heat in my sauna of lust.


Nolens Volens July 18, 2011 - 4:17 pm

Thank you for sharing Willfulenslaved’s Tumblr! Still looking…


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