4 Minutes

by Molly Moore

12th July

As the hot water streamed down over my body this morning my fingers travelled, as if by their own will, to between my thighs and into the folds of my pussy. The urge to touch or be touched is starting to build now and before I really thought about what I was doing my fingers were working their magic. I let them linger, slowly taking my time to find the right spot that would start to make my own moisture flow from within me to join the water that flowed over my hand from the shower.

Soon my fingers were burrowing deep, my legs slipping further apart and my back curving over so that I could slip them inside me. The heat from my pussy matching, or maybe even exceeding that of the hot shower and soon I could feel my muscles starting to tighten round my fingers. 4 minutes, fluttered into my mind, before briefly slipping away again as I let me thoughts wander to all the showers we had shared together in the past and all the times it had been his fingers touching me like this rather than mine.

4 MINUTES!!! Suddenly my mind kicked back in, and with a frustrated groan I pulled my sticky fingers from inside me. Have you ever shaved your cunt using your own juices as shaving cream? If not, then I recommend you try it sometime, not only is there something delicious dirty about smearing your own juices over yourself but it I have found it also provides a near perfect medium for the razor to glide over and therefore a beautiful close shave and a deliciously smooth and soft finish.

The need is starting to build now, all day I kept finding my mind wandering to the dull ache between my thighs. Writing this post this evening as made me twitch and wriggle in my seat. Just a little caress? I know the answer though, I have already tried asking today and all I get in reply is…. Monday!


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Curvaceous Dee July 18, 2011 - 9:08 am

Oh, the teasing! That’s an awesome image though – one of my favourites for the month 🙂

xx Dee


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