By on September 17, 2016.

Earlier this week I wrote about hair for Kink of the Week and posted a picture to go with it (Let your hair down) which seemed to catch people’s eye so I thought I would continue on that theme with another image from the same shoot.

These were a real bugger to take because our bathroom is tiny and so getting the camera far enough away on the tripod was tricky. I can’t tell you how many times I climbed in and out and in and out of the damn bath trying to get these pictures. The light in the room is really good though and I do wish the room was bigger because I would use it a lot more often for pictures if that was the case.

If you compare this image to the one I posted earlier in the week you can see my hair looks to be a different colour. That is a result of a different angle which allowed more light to fall directly on my hair and a bit of post processing which bought out the copper tones. The truth of the matter is that is somewhere in between the two. In the direct sunlight it definitely looks more coppery and out of it the plum tones show up better. Oh and if you want to know if the colour is real or not than you will have to read my post from earlier in the week.

Molly in the bath with copper hairSinful Sunday badge




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  1. This picture freaks me out – I LOVE it! You have a whole Sadako thing going on – definitely look like you’re going to crawl right out of that tub and come through my computer screen. Maybe I’ve just been watching too many horror movies lately… 😀
    Jo recently posted..Room with a View (NSFR)My Profile

  2. I love this Molly! The light and the color are perfect and your pose is so great. All the tile and the pop of color, and the way you seem to be ready to crawl out if the tub, it brings to mind a sexy, creepy, film. Love it! And thanks for sharing that you had to pop out of the bath a bunch to get the shot, it’s always fun to get a peek “behind the curtain” of an artist 🙂
    MariaSibylla recently posted..Into DarknessMy Profile

  3. That is so very striking. The model of course, but the photo and the editing too. I love it.

    It reminds me of Jerome’s 19th century painting, “Truth Rising with her Scourge”.

    Damn. I can’t get it to embed in this comment, so I’m going to have to link to it. Apologies: think it’s rude to link back to my own blog, but it’s the only way I can show this image.

    Click on the painting and it’ll go to a bigger version. She’s even scarier than you, though not as hot. Which still leaves plenty of room for her to be hot in.
    Jaime recently posted..Sinful Sunday 284: Razor strop, beautiful girl, booksMy Profile

  4. I was trolling your site and stumbled on this photo (again). I had to giggled because I didn’t realize that my recent photo is so similar to this one. The photos are so similar in pose and location but yet different in the feeling that comes through each photo. That’s so cool! thanks for being an inspiration to me.

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