A Beautiful Need

By on July 22, 2012.

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“I love watching you when you are like this. You look so beautiful when you are this needy for it. So tightly wound just waiting for my word so that you can uncoil your lust and let it consume your body. I can see your fingers desperately fumbling between your thighs and as you twist and turn in front of me I catch a glimpse of the welts across your bottom. I so want to take you now, as you are, like this, all wet and wanton but that would be too easy. I want you want it more, until it is all you can think about. I want it to fill you brain until you can not stand it any longer and then and only then will I take what is mine and give you what you so badly crave but I think I will leave you until I hear you fill the room with your frustrated angry cries”

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  2. The audio would be much, much better with a British accent. He is trying too hard to sound seductive and it comes off as comical. Just some constructive criticism. Otherwise, fantastic site.

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