8 minutes

by Molly Moore
black and white of molly laying in bed touching herself

14th July 2011

Last night as I lay in my bed waiting for sleep to take me away my mind drifted off to thoughts of him, his arms holding me at night, his hands stroking my back, our bodies curled round one another as sleep draws us both into the peaceful darkness. I must have drifted off in the end; I don’t remember any conclusions to these thoughts just a feeling of longing for that moment, but contentment in the knowledge that our time is very close now.

This morning I woke with thoughts of him too, but these were not dream like thoughts of restful sleeping but lust filled thoughts of sexual awakenings. Images of waking next to him, wrapping my body around his sleeping form, letting my hand trail down his chest and taking his heavy cock into the warmth of my hand danced around in my head. I can hear his breathing change as his body and mind awaken to my touch, he stretches his body out next to mine and I can feel his cock growing hard in my hand and my body responds as if someone has sent a little pulse of desire running through me and straight into my cunt because as I rub my thighs together I can feel the wetness there.

My hands travel down over my breasts, pulling and tugging at my nipples, pushing the warm covers from around me the cool morning air and the touch of my hand makes my nipples harden and for a moment I cup both my breasts in my hands and tilt them up to my face so I can see the rosy red buds standing out so tight and proud. With a sigh of regret that he is not here to see them I let them go and my hands continue their progress down over my tummy and onto my thighs

His hands part my thighs, fingers digging into soft yielding flesh, pulling them apart so that he can get to the heat that lies between them. As his hand brushed up against the lips of my cunt my thighs part even wider, offering my wetness to him. His fingers open me wider and he trails them through my sticky morning mess.

I reach down and slide my finger inside me, the wetness of my cunt oozes out onto my hand as my finger is joined by another and together they glide smoothly through my juices, in a slow steady rhythm. My other hand joins in now and I start to rub at my clit, the motion matching those of my fingers inside me

Without warning he rears up in the bed, and kneels between my splayed thighs, he takes my hand and wraps it round his cock. “Do you want it?” he asks. In response I push my hips up to meet him, offering myself to him, desperately trying to draw him into me. I can feel my pussy throbbing with the need to be filled, to be fucked, to be used and to cum on his cock until I am exhausted.

My fingers push deeper into me and my hips tilt upwards, trying to get more, the need is almost overwhelming and….

“8 minutes Slutmine” says the voice in my computer next to the bed.


Ps…ALL day I have throbbed and ached, thoughts of his touch are starting to jump around in my mind more and more. Writing this has made me slick with juices again and I can feel the harsh material of my jeans cutting into my delicate clit.

Pps…The pictures are ever so slightly different but I couldn’t pick between them and so decided to post both. I like the way my back is twisted in the first one and the slightly darker more shadowy effect but in the second one I like the way my breast looks and the light catching my thigh giving it that pale creamy texture.

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Stranded July 14, 2011 - 11:36 am

Who needs a camera with such words to describe the actions. Wow…he is such a lucky fella

domsigns July 14, 2011 - 11:41 am

I am lucky, and I truly know it. I am a bit evil though.. I am enjoying this task very very much 😀

Dalide B July 14, 2011 - 2:00 pm

Hang in there, Molly, four more days! I hope you don’t explode in a cloud of lust by then… Beautiful words, as per usual. And the pics are delicious.

Hedone July 14, 2011 - 4:51 pm

Nice erotic thoughts and deeds.


Nolens Volens July 14, 2011 - 7:47 pm

I would be torn between these two pictures too. Oh man…16 minutes tomorrow…

Lee December 17, 2013 - 11:30 pm

These are two of my favourite pictures of you, Molly. Totally sexy, by just hinting 😉 <3

rodeorosary July 10, 2016 - 7:11 am

After that I must think of you and whomever you choose to masturbate cumtributes


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