Camera, Crop, Cum

By on March 30, 2011.

30th March 2011

“I want clear and unfettered access to that sexy arse of yours Slutmine”

Rolling over next to Him I lay still and silent and wait for whatever he has in mind….

“No, not like that” he says….

“Turn around, present it to me, I want to see it clearly and I am warning you, if you wriggle around I will tie you down”

Part of me is tempted to wriggle; does He know His words seem like a challenge to me?

I do as He commands and turn myself round, resting my body over the bunched up duvet, I offer myself to him. The warmth of the sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window caresses at my skin and lights my pale flesh for Him in such a manner that he cannot resist taking a picture.

Upturned bare ass ready for spankingThe click of the camera makes me shiver, not from cold, from lust. I hear Him move around behind me, adjusting the angle, and his little sigh of contentment tells me that the vision before Him is pleasing to the eye.

The leather paddle on the end of the crop is cool and smooth against my skin, he traces it up the back of my thighs and over my arse, instinctively I arch my back slightly as little taps start to rain down on me. They are not gentle but they are not hard either and my body responds, subconsciously asking for more. The heat from the constant little slaps start to spread and leave a trail across my skin which I am convinced must lead to my throbbing pussy.

BDSM crop My head falls forward over the edge of the bed and my mind clears, it is just me and Him and the radiating warmth of my backside, there is nothing else inside me but this moment, my lust and my desire to please Him.

Crop marksHe pauses, I hate the pause, it makes me tense and wonder at what will happen next, the answer comes with a resounding slap as he brings the crop down hard against my raised bottom. The sting of the leather against my already blushed and raw skin makes me cry out and tears leap into my eyes.

BDSM cropI know I mustn’t move, His instruction were very clear but the second strike is too much and I can’t stop myself from rolling to one side…..

“Back to where you were Slutmine, I have not finished yet”

womans ass being croppedSilently I obey, I want this really, the wetness on my thighs is all that is needed to prove that to both Him and I. Burying my face in the duvet I wait, the crop comes thick and facst now, back to rapid little burst of stinging fire across my now burning arse. I am squirming, wriggling, not to get away but because my body is so alive and I don’t know what to do with it anymore, I don’t know who I am or what I am, I am just a bundle of jagged nerves.

The answer comes when he throws the crop down beside me and drives His hard throbbing cock into me, the words “cum for me you dirty little bitch” make is crystal clear to me exactly what it is I am and exactly what it is I should be doing.


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  1. A perfectly erotic post Mz Molly. You do have a great way with words. And your arse is beyond compare.

  2. For a gentleman who is rather fond of Tushy I must say, your post, following shortly after Miss July’s, has brightened up my morning. 🙂
    Thank you Molly the minx

  3. I have only just discovered what a wonderful sight this is. You look quite lovely, and even moreso with the little circular glow. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    The crop looks like a handy tool, I have not seen one with the little paddle end before.

    • I bought that at a lovely tack shop… I wonder if equestrian people know how useful their hobby is for Doms and subs everywhere 😀

      • Yes, along with a rather evil whip that hurts like hell but leaves behind very sexy stripe marks which I find myself admiring in the mirror.


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