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Red bum with wooden paddle

There has been lots of stuff in the UK media in the over the last few days about people buying their kinky wares from B and Q (the USA equivalent being Home Depot) It has even been reported that said store has sent a memo to its store based staff warning them to expect an increase in the sales of tape, rope and cable ties as a result of the movie and to treat all inquires in a sensitive manner. If that is true then good for them treating it with respect, but then why wouldn’t they, after all, it means more sales for them but what about the shoppers?

Well B & Q (and other hardware stores) is actually not the worst place in the world to buy some of your kinky goods but tape and cable ties are probably not them.Cable ties as a general rule should never ever use them to bind someone. They have no safety mechanism to stop them over tightening, in fact they are designed to over tighten and the unforgiving plastic material means they have the potential to break the skin and cut off circulation. The only way to get them off is to use scissors which is very dangerous in itself unless you have a pair of safety scissors but even then extreme caution should be used. Likewise, tape will stick to the skin and can potentially tear delicate tissue and pull hair out by the root when being removed. However you can buy bondage tape that only adheres to itself but sadly B & Q don’t stock that!

If you want to try some bondage then by all means purchase some rope from B & Q and they also have a large selection of chain but stay away from the cable ties. Ideally though get yourself down to your local fetish fair market* and buy a good set of leather cuffs which will not be as cheap as the cable ties but, if you buy a good pair they will last you many years and will also look and feel lovely. I will write another post soon about buying BDSM kit but the main reason for this post was to point out that you can corrupt a whole host of different things. Walk into your kitchen right now and I bet you have more than one thing you could use for example a wooden spoon, a rolling-pin or a roll of cling film can all be used as impact toys. Likewise if you keep your eyes open the world is full of pervertable objects that you can buy for very little money. We even managed to find the perfect wooden paddle whilst on holiday in Tunisia this summer. So they might have been selling them as Olive wood bread boards but that’s not what we saw when we stumbled across them in the Old MedinaRed bum with wooden paddle

February Photofest 2015
*Fetish Fairs in the UK

London Fetish Fair

London Alternative Market

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

On-line Retailers

Stockroom.com (USA)

Affordable Leather (UK)


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  • luv2sex.info

    Wow ! Real red hot bum !

  • slavesuzi

    I would almost say there is a greater pleasure in finding alternative uses for the “everyday” items in the home or noticed while out shopping than the purchase of a fit for purpose item , bought from an adult website or store

  • slave sindee

    Good sound Advice

  • Jane

    Excellent post. Everyone loves a bargain, but it does need to be a sensible one. Interestingly, I saw that M had put a toothbrush (!?) on the table the other day, alongside the cane and tawse. He didn’t get around to using it on me (although he certainly utilised the other two items!) but he won’t tell me what it’s for. I know it’s ‘only’ a toothbrush, but the glint in his eye tells me he has definite, er, *plans*. I’ll keep you posted …

  • graham

    An excellent article!

    Every time I’ve talked about 50 Shades of Shite I tell people: “Cable ties: No. Just NO!!”

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