by Molly Moore
Suction cups for cupping lined up along mollys thigh

“Where there’s stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation, and you remove the pain.” This old Chinese quote basically sums up the whole principle behind Cupping Therapy. The idea is that cupping increases and encourages blood flow within the body which helps to draw out harmful toxins and increase blood oxygen levels.

Cupping leap into the main stream media when a number of swimmers, including Michael Phelps, had cupping marks on their backs during the 2016 Olympics. Suddenly it was the new in thing but some of us had already discovered the joys of cupping.

So kinky cupping? Well for someone who has a big kink for marks cupping can definitely tick that box. Not always mind you, it all depends on where on the body you put them and how long for. Even then the marks can vary. Bodies are not consistent and how they react to something can change depending all sorts of factors like temperature, hydration, etc.

I love the sensation of the cups though too. The way the skin grows hot and tight the longer you leave them on and actually I have found they are a great accompaniment to impact play. They contrast with the more biting pain intense sensation/pain of impact and also a distraction from that too. Are you concentrating on the impact or the hot tightness being created by the cups. It’s a good marriage. One I like a lot

Sadly cupping is fairly hard to do alone. Although this picture was taken when I was going that a try. You can attach them to your thighs and stomach etc but clearly attaching them to your own back is pretty much impossible and that is my favourite place to have them. I have also found that the more fleshy parts, like thighs and belly don’t seem to result in the same marks that the back does.

I miss the days when Michael used to put the on me and I would lay on the floor in front of him while we watched TV but I am happy that maybe those things can happen again now. So this post is a little homage to the joys of cupping and also a reminder to dig them out and have fun with them again soon. If I get some nice dark marks I will be sure to share a picture.

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Tip April 4, 2022 - 9:09 pm

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m going to bring this up to my wife when I get home.

Mrs Fever April 5, 2022 - 2:42 am

I’ve never tried cupping but I’ve heard it can be helpful to relieve certain kinds of physical discomforts as well as – like you mentioned – as part of a detox regimen.


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