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Molly’s Weekly Kiss 3

25th April 2011
Time for another Kiss of The Week, to find out more about this project and see the previous blogs that have already been picked then visit this page, but before you do that, let me tell you about this week’s blog.

Do you like a little bit of rope work? Do you like to feel the rope against your skin as it holds you in its grasp or maybe you like to do the tying, binding your partner up until they are helpless and at your mercy? This week’s recipients of the Weekly Kiss certainly fall into both these categories, Jay and Georgia are the co-authors of the blog, Fit To Be Tied and as their tagline says they are a “Rope loving sex positive couple sharing our experience”.

This couple definitely adore their rope. One of my favourite posts is a short little piece called ‘Rope Is Our Unicorn’, I love the way Jay refers to rope as being ‘the third’ within their relationship. Georgia loves to be tied, Jay loves to tie her and this mutual passion binds them even closer together.

This blog is crammed full of thoughtful and thought provoking posts, ‘Are You A Polly Or A Nelly’ being just one of many examples of this, as well as great erotic writing and fantastic photography and throughout all this the passion and love this couple clearly have for one another shines through. I have not come across many co-written blogs where the writing dynamic between the co-authors works as well as it does here.

Click on the button to go and see Georgia & Jay…… I am sure they will be happy to be seen


Ps….Do you have a favourite blog that you visit regularly? We have all heard of the big popular bloggers, I guess I am trying to find those hidden gems that not everyone knows about, so if you think you might know of one, then do drop me or line or leave a comment here and let me know about it.

Pps…. Don’t forget you can vote for MY blog, in the Adult Blog Awards, as sponsored by 365seytoy.co.uk, by clicking on the button below or the one in my sidebar. Thanks xxx

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  • Hedone

    I am a reader of Fit to be Tied. I used to really like Jay’s commentary. Now, I love to perv to Georgia’s pics 🙂


    P.S. Jay I still like you too

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