Molly’s weekly Kiss 27

by Molly Moore

18th October 2011

Straight into it this week, no more musings about the challenge of this project, for now anyway, however, I will ask again, what’s your favourite blog?

This week I have another male writer for you but unlike Hubman from last week this one is startlingly new to the blog world. As with many of the blogs I have picked for this project I am taking a risk here that this blog is not one of the many new blogs ‘on the block’ that despite filled all good intentions to keep it going, will, before the year is out, have fallen by the way side. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case because so far this writer has made a really great start.

I have mentioned before that there seems to be a bit of a disparity between the number of blogs with a submissive theme and those with a dominant theme. I am one of them I know, but seriously, submissive women blogs, about their journey into their kink/submission are 10 a penny. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are completely awesome and I hope I have featured a few of the best ones here on the kiss but like everything in the world that there are lots of, some of them are not so good.

Blogs written by a dominant male are not so common; it seems to me that Dom’s have a tendency to keep their thoughts and feelings under wraps at times. Yes there are some great blogs written by dominant males but I have yet to come across one that is quite so open and honest in the way this one is. AP’s blog only started back in July but unlike many new blogs that take a while to settle this one flows nicely and if you bother to sit down and read the 25 or so posts here, shows a man trying to make sense of not only his own kink/domination but also that of his wife’s and how the two come together to hopefully form and new and exciting chapter in this couples life.

It seems to me to be a familiar story, a marriage of many years that had gradually turned from love and passion into parenting and parallel lives but unlike many marriages which either settle for less or descend into affairs or divorce this couple have launched themselves into a journey into D/s and kink together. The place to start with this blog is a post called ‘The Backstory’ which you will find linked in the side bar, and it explains how the couple found themselves suddenly confronted with a whole new sexual edge to their lives together to explore. What prompted AP to suddenly flip the switch is unknown, although I have a feeling that as time goes on this is a man who will eventually find answers too many of the questions and issues that bother him.

The blog is well written and quite frankly fascinating to a submissive woman like me to see a Dom’s side of things in this way. His questioning of why he likes certain things, his realisation of how he got things wrong, his discovery of his wife’s love of spanking and his suspicion that she is willing to even behave in such a way as to goad him punishing her and his quandary over the title of Sir show a man who is determined to challenge himself, his wife and his relationship and quite frankly make for addictive reading. It is a unique opportunity think to witness a Dom find his role/place in this way.

As I said there are only about 25 posts here so far and you have a perfect opportunity to start at the beginning with this blog and read the whole lot. It really is worth it but if I have to choose a post to recommend then it would have to be ‘The Narcotic Place’ posted on the 8th September. It made me cry, I am not going to say any more than that, read it yourself and don’t miss his wife’s comment at the end either. Another great post and the one that lead me to this blog is ‘It Works For Us’ posted on the 3rd of September. I guess you could say it is an overview of how AP has found the kink community since he started this journey to be a mixed bag, from helpful understanding people to those who are hostile and judgemental because he is not doing it ‘the right way’. It is a great reflective post and for shows I think just how warped the kinky community must appear too many newbie’s who enter into it.

Advice time now and AP has done a good job of making a nice looking blog, the payout is clean and easy to read and so far it is easy to find things, like the all important first post being linked on the side bar, but as time rolls on and more content is added the only way to sort posts at the moment is through the archive. I would add a category button, especially if you are thinking of adding more photographs. It means that people can search for posts on a specific subject like spanking, marriage, sub space and also find all the post that contain your photography, which leads me onto my next piece of advice, photographs. So far you have teased us with 2 shots, one of PM in lace panties and, in stark contrast, one of autumn leaves but they do both have something in common, they make me want to see more of your work, lots more because if these 2 pictures are anything to go by, then it is damn good.

One last piece of advice is comments. If you have a recent comments section on your side bar it tends to encourage others to join in any thoughts and debates that your posts may have sparked, and encourages more interaction from your readers and also shows the new visitor from the moment they arrive that this is an active and well read blog if they can see that you have people commenting and it allows people like me to come back to your blog and see if any of the comments I have left have been followed up on without having to go back through every single posts comments to find them.

There you have it; I present you with another blog for your enjoyment. Please do click on the kiss icon below and go and visit AP, I am pretty sure he will be thrilled to have you and if you feel moved to comment then do let him know that Molly sent you.

The Adventures Of A Pangdon


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