Molly’s weekly kiss 13

by Molly Moore

4th July 2011

I admit it, I have been keeping this week’s blog all to myself. Ok, not quite, having just spied her Alexa ranking I realise that maybe a few other people know about her awesome blog but I have been keeping her in the wings, so to speak, of the Kiss list, saving her up for when I have time to really do her justice because she writes one of my all time favourite blogs….ever!

I think her blog is one of the ones I started reading regularly when I first starting blogging myself and I have been hooked ever since.  Dick Dyke Dick, formally known as “My Decade as a Dyke” is written by the wonderful J, although online know to most as DDD. The name changed occurred when DDD moved from her 10 years as lesbian back into the world of men, hence dick and prior to dyke she was a married woman and so we get Dick, then Dyke, then Dick again. Over the last year she has not only discovered a new-found love of all things Dick (*whispers…including anal) but now finds herself to be, of all things, a submissive mistress.

I think one of things I love about DDD’s blog is that her posts are, in general, what one would refer to as bite sized but don’t let that deceive you, they be on the short side but that does not mean they are short on content, quite the opposite in fact. She has a way with words that enables her to convey so very much with often only a sentence or two. She will make you think, make you wonder, make you horny and more often than not will make you laugh out loud, she is the sex blog mistress of the written pun/word play.

She is also an accomplished photographer when it comes to composing and taking her own self-portraits and has on many occasion been the inspiration behind my own pictures as well as the recipient of much envy on my part, most recently in regards to a dress that featured in a whole series of posted entitled ‘Meshed-up’. Make sure you check them and out and just so you know, I WANT THAT DRESS! It is her photography that really bought DDD and I together as more than just mutual readers of each others blogs and over time I am delighted to say that she has become my friend as we have explored our mutual pleasure of photography, submission and generally being sisters in sluts….a term she came up with I hasten to add and I blame her nipples for that. For more explanation on that make sure you check out her post ‘Nipples In a Net’, a link to which you will find towards the bottom of her side bar under the heading ‘What Clicks. All Time Tops’ and I recommend you check out a few of these posts, they are in that list for a reason I can assure you.

DDD is an interesting character, not many bloggers out there can say that they have been in a heterosexual marriage then a fairly sexless lesbian relationship for 10 years before a return to the heterosexual world and an exploration into kink and D/s. I think it is probably this that helps to give her a unique outlook on life that coupled with her intelligent writing, her brilliant sense of honour and her determination to explore her sexuality and to present an honest image of her body makes this blog essential and addictive reading in my opinion.

Dick Dyke Dick


Ps… All my kissing history can be found on this PAGE

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Catharine July 4, 2011 - 10:56 am

I love DDD!

DDD July 4, 2011 - 1:26 pm

Molly: I’m speechless. Well, almost:-) I hope to live up to your words some day. Thank you, my sister in slut. This has been an amazing journey so far, made all the more meaningful by your friendship and support. Damn the tear sliding down my face.

I think my blog is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. I remember when I was young and told my mother I wanted to be a writer. She said, “You must think quite a bit of yourself. What makes you think you’ve got anything to say that people want to read?” So I thank you and every other person who visits my site, for helping make my dream of being a writer — with readers — come true.

mollyskiss July 4, 2011 - 10:40 pm

My dear DDD

You are welcome but the pleasure is all mine. You have been an inspiration and a good friend to me and you write an awesome blog, I was worried that my write up would fall short and not do it the justice it deserves because as blogs go, your really is one of the best. You have a unique style, something that is sorely lacking in many blogs I come across, combined with witt, intelligence and a sexy as hell persona (and body) makes for a winning combination.

Trust you to get wet….LOL


DDD July 5, 2011 - 12:58 am

Thank you, Molly. Thank you. Thank you.

european sex July 4, 2011 - 5:19 pm

I love DDD too 😀


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