Molly’s Weekly Kiss

by Molly Moore

11th April 2011

Now that my blog seems to have settled into it new little corner of the web I have decided it is time to launch one of the new features that I so rashly promised you a week or so again. Never promise what you can’t deliver, is what I say, so here goes.

On my journey around the internet I regularly stumble across all sorts of different blogs, some of them are fabulous, some of them are not, but it’s not the blog’s as a whole that I am looking at here but individual posts that make me sit up and read and so Molly’s Weekly Kiss has been born.

Each week, on a Monday, I will highlight a post from another blog that has done just that, explain why it has been awarded ‘a kiss’, post a link to it and encourage you to go and check it out. The  writer of the chosen piece is welcome to display ‘The Kiss Button’ (which I will email to them) on their post or sidebar  linking back to the Kiss Of The Week page, which will serve as an ongoing record of the posts that I have picked.

At the end of each month I will choose one of the posts as the Kiss of the Month and so by the end of the year I hope to have 9 (as we are only starting in April) posts which will all go forward to you, the reader, to vote on, to determine which one will be awarded the Kiss Of The Year.

I hope this feature will serve my readers with interesting discoveries that they may have not stumbled upon as yet, and maybe give a little exposure to the writer of the post that might not have otherwise received. If there is a post you think I should consider, or maybe you have written something you would like to draw my attention to then please email me a link at [email protected] and I will check out.

What am I looking for?

I am afraid I can’t answer that, but, like the definition of porn I will know it when I see it. It might be a picture that takes me breath away, a post that makes me think, a thought that makes me laugh, or something else, but as we go along I shall do my best to explain my choices to you.

So here goes with my first weekly kiss award.

This Is why You’re Getting A Spanking by Defer and Submit

Do you like to be spanked, or maybe you like to do the spanking, whichever it is, or even if it’s neither, this post about spanking is just spot on. There is spanking as a punishment, spanking as a reminder of your place or just spanking because it pleases Him to use you in that way. The writer at Defer and Submit sums these things up perfectly and then goes on to describe a spanking scene that made me long to be over His knee sometime very soon and even if you are not a spanker or a spankee then maybe this post might help you understand it, or possibly even spark a desire that you didn’t know you had.

Click on the image to go to this week selection…..

Who Did I Kiss?



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