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Molly’s Weekly Kiss 9

7th June 2011

A few weeks ago I mentioned the lack of good male Dom bloggers when I was writing about Diary Of A Love Affair. It is not that there is a lack of them per se but it is the word ‘good’ that is often missing from the equation. Diary Of A Love Affair combined passion, lust and D/s with a love affair that made it compulsive reading in my opinion but this week’s blog although not about a love affair as such is no less compulsive reading.

New Knots In An Old Rope is written by Magister Nodi and details his journey with his submissive wife Zelda Gillian (who has her own blog, a link to which you can find in Magister Nodi’s side bar) into their kink relationship. After many years of a vanilla marriage it seems that this couple finally managed to communicate to each other their mutual ‘dark desires’ and this set them off on a journey together to explore their kinks.

This blog makes for great reading; it is a combination of his thoughts about life as a father, husband, developing Dom and his D/s relationship with Zelda, as well as some detailed posts about some of the scenes that this couple have embarked upon together. I would recommend scrolling back to the beginning and reading his first few posts, especially “Because My Kink Makes Me A Better Father” and “Getting Over It” and the post “Rules On Lurking” is simple yet I am pretty sure will make many of you shout out “YES!” in agreement with what he has written.

I also highly recommend “Last Night”, a post about a scene this couple shared. It shows just how far this couple are prepared to go to explore their boundaries and how at times that has led them to dark corners of their relationship but how ultimately their joint determination to navigate this together seems to, in the end, make them stronger. It is raw, honest and deeply disturbing at moments but it is a must read.

This writer is by no means prolific but what he does post is written with skill and honesty. The whole blog shows over time how this man has come to terms with some of the tough parts of his new roles and how he has revelled in others. I don’t think I have read a single post on this blog and felt like this writer was not being totally honest, with himself and the reader. There is no holding back here, this is the good and the bad of their journey laid bare.

If I had any advice for this blogger it would be to put an archive widget in the side bar so it makes it easier for reader to navigate their way back to the beginning and maybe a more detailed about me section would be good too. Apart from that, just give us more…..

New Knots In An Old Rope


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  • Zelda Gillian

    Thanks so much, Molly, for these lovely words! I agree that Magister Nodi’s blog is (as is the man himself) raw and insightful, something that is all too rare in the world of Dominants. I’m so glad that you have been able to find value in our experiences. It has been quite a fascinating journey!

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