Molly’s Weekly Kiss 23

by Molly Moore

20th September 2011

I know I am a day late with this one but real life has been biting me on the arse so to speak but I am here now so let’s do it shall we? This week’s blog will I am sure, make up for the fact that I have kept you all waiting though.

When I started this project earlier this year I wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was looking for in a blog that would make me want to write about it. Over the months I have slowly worked my way through an awful lot of blogs to try to bring you the best but some of the ones I am most proud of finding, in the list so far, are the newbie’s, or at least they were. In general I have tried to find you something different, something new, and something that may or may not continue to grow and develop as the writers hones their style, voice and/or story and I have taken risks along the way with that, often picking blogs that are fledglings in the blogging world, and so risking the fact that, like many new or developing blogs, they will fall by the way side and some have done exactly that but over all I think I have come out on top and I hope that my kiss may have a gone a little way to encouraging some new bloggers to build on their excellent starts and keep at it.

This week’s blog is definitely one of those that falls into the newbie category, in fact this blog is frighteningly new, to the extent that usually something this new would go into the ‘wait and see pile’ to give it a chance to acquire a bit more content before writing about it but this blog is not usual. I rarely read a blog in its early stages of development and find myself hooked from the first post but this one did exactly that and that was before I even got to the bits that made me widen my eyes and wriggle in my seat with lust filled thoughts.

Down The Rabbit Hole is the work of Little Girl Lost and even thought this blog only has 12 posts so far it really does have something very special about it. Her 2nd post that describes her first foray into submission is nothing short of electric and if you are anything like me will encourage you to read on and follow this young woman in her journey. I did read on and I really hope you do too because if you do you will discover fabulous writing that not only tell her about her experiences but also contains guest posts from the man who is holding the ‘paddle’. Reading their different angles of the same experience is something that not many D/s blog cover and even if they do, they often feel too contrived and manufactured to work, but that is certainly not the case here. The opposing voices blend well together and give the reader a unique look at things from both players perspective.

I am not going to tell you to read this post or that, I have found you a blog with only 12 post on it and I recommend you read them ALL. There really is something special about finding a blog of this calibre in it true infancy because it means you can read it all and then sit back and enjoy the ride as it slowly builds and develops and Little Girl Lost’s tale unfolds. There is no need to be catching up, or wondering what you have missed, you can do all that and then be part of a bloggers journey right from the word go. Trust me, I have done it a few times now and those blogs I joined in their infancy remain to this day some of my absolute favourites.

Little Girl Lost is off to a flying start with this blog, her posts about her new-found submission and experiences with her partner make for electric  but sometimes challenging reading as she is not holding back on her thoughts and fears and experiences in any way. Her most recent post ‘The Cane’ is a perfect example of that.  It would also seem that this writer has a talent for humour and fun within her work and I urge you to check out the very funny ’10 Things I would Do If I Had A Penis’. It was this post that first led me to this blog. On top of all that she is has just started posting photographs and like the rest of this blog they are top quality. They have that effortless erotic quality to them that draws the viewer into the scene and yet leaves them wanting more all at the same time.

I usually write about my advice to the blogger in question now but this blog is well laid out, it is clean and classy looking and it has a great about me page (although a link to the 2nd post on that page as a good place for readers to start might be a good addition). There is no blog roll as yet, whether that is by design or just not developed yet I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter. I admit to liking other people’s blog rolls but only if they are a true reflection of what the blogger actually reads, rather than just numerous exchanged links. I do have one big piece of advice for Little Girl Lost though; don’t stop, keep going, both in your actual exploration of your submission and your writing about it. You have the basics here of something really very special. Don’t change it, don’t rein it in, let it live out its voice and see where it takes you because I for one will be reading it every step of the way.

Down The Rabbit Hole


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Lily September 20, 2011 - 1:48 pm

Link to the site?

mollyskiss September 20, 2011 - 2:03 pm

Click on the Kiss icon and it will take you to the site.



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