Outside Illumination

by Molly Moore

21st August 2011

From the outside everything looks quiet and peaceful, just a normal semi-detached house in suburban Britain. The curtains are drawn; there is a soft glow of light shining around them at the windows. Outside the evening is dark and still, the summer is slowly slipping away and there is a hint of an autumn chill in the air, as you walk past the house. It is just a house, with a red car parked on the drive, a white front door and a brown garage door. Nothing would make you stop and stare that is unless you could see inside the garage.

Behind the door if you listen carefully you might hear her whimpered cries as his gloved hand cups her bare flesh and the sharp points of the vampire gloves prickle against her skin. Or maybe you can hear him groan as he pushes his hard cock into her wet pussy. Is it loud enough to get your attention, are you edging closer to the door? Maybe if you stood really still and the road was quiet you might just be able to make out her muffled grunts as he assaults her body for his pleasure.

As the traffic rumbles by on the road outside you strain to hear, for a moment there is nothing, maybe it was just your imagination. With a sigh you step away, continuing on your path, but suddenly it is clear, just for a moment, a woman’s voice, calling out for him and you are rooted to the spot again.

Her calls sound desperate but passionate and you can feel your own body responding to the sounds that are coming from behind the garage door. Your eyes scan the darkened wood, searching for a crack of light or a gap in the surround. You only want to peek; just one quick look and you will be on your way. Or at least that is what you tell yourself.

Tentatively you step closer but as you do the door rattles and you realise it is about to open, ducking down behind the cars you hide, not wanting to be caught standing there, staring. You hear the door slide open and that woman’s voice again, a gasp this time followed by a small pleading, “No Sir, Oh please no”

You so want to look but if you do they will see you and know that you listened and so you stay still and wonder. You try to let your mind imagine the scene, a woman, a man, but what is the rest, what are the missing pieces you just cannot picture? If only you could kneel up just a little then you would see; a woman hanging from her cuffed wrists to a hook on the ceiling. She is blindfolded and naked. Her nipples stand out erect and even though the garage is dark the lights from the passing cars flicker over her bare flesh, intermittently illuminating her for you.

Of course if the light was on then you might also be able to see the stinging red marks across her bottom and the cum dribbling down her thigh and for a moment you think you see tears on her cheeks but as the blindfold is ripped from her eyes you see her turn her gaze upon her tormentor and within her eyes, rather than the look of fear and horror you were expecting, you see wanton lust and desire but instead you carry on walking, because this is just a house, in a quiet town and you didn’t pay quite enough attention to know that things are not always quite what they seem from the outside.


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Clive September 21, 2011 - 7:31 am

Brilliant 🙂

KaziGrrl September 21, 2011 - 12:51 pm

Wow… I think I would freak if He opened the garage door on me (though the blindfold gives a certain bravado)!!


Steve September 21, 2011 - 11:03 pm

A delight as usual, Molly–and you really are a good-looking woman:) x

Huff September 22, 2011 - 9:05 am

Inspiration for voyeurs everywhere I think. Very sexy, both images and imagery. 🙂


Stranded September 22, 2011 - 12:11 pm

These buildings are but shells we cannot see through giving each of us the facade of what we think is normal. Bravo.


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