Mirror, Mirror

by Molly Moore
Molly sitting in chair showing her pink panties

We really did have the one of the smallest hotel rooms I have ever seen in Atlanta, especially by US standards but despite not having any space for our suitcases, a desk (we had to both lay on the bed to use our computers) or room to swing a flogger it did have a lovely full length mirror which is always an invitation for me to play.

I love my camera and I love playing with it, experimenting with light, colours and perspectives but I think one of my all time favourite things is mirrors. As a self-portrait artist it is one of the times when you get to see the subject (yourself) as you shoot and of course the camera becomes part of the portrait with you.

Molly sitting in chair showing her pink pantiesMollyxxx

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SassyCat October 26, 2013 - 11:28 pm

Mirrors scare me, when taking photos along with looking at them in the dark of night. So glad to hear that you and others had a wonderful time at the event. And the room sounds very small. I do love your photos and admire your “selfies.”

kinky mom October 26, 2013 - 11:58 pm

how lovely!

GrittyWoman October 27, 2013 - 12:04 am

Love this image. You look so relaxed, but cheeky too. You always look so gorgeous! x

Mr. Will October 27, 2013 - 12:13 am

Wow, what a pic! I need a big mirror (and that camera!) Great pic Molly!

Penny October 27, 2013 - 12:41 am

I love mirror shots too! Sadly our room didn’t have any decent mirrors. I love the peek of your panties in this one and your relaxed pose, I think it definitely shows your connection to your camera & photography…and your flirty & sexy personality!

Cammies on the floor October 27, 2013 - 1:36 am

I love the lighting and the look on your face, so very bold with legs spread. A delicious sight as always!

Heaven October 27, 2013 - 1:21 am

Well even with the small hotel room you still managed to take a lovely shot to share.

Silverdrop October 27, 2013 - 7:33 am

Lovely composition. The hotel room looks ridiculously small.

Eve Ray October 27, 2013 - 9:58 am

This is so fabulous I hardly have words for it. It is a superbly composed picture, full of detail beyond the author/subject. It has wit and humour in addition to the eroticism. The hint of boot is a lovely finishing touch.

KaziG October 27, 2013 - 10:34 am

I love mirrors too, though not necessarily to put myself in the subject. I wish I had a good full-length mirror to play with 🙂

~Kazi xxx

Marie Rebelle October 27, 2013 - 11:13 am

I am not fond of my own mirror image, unfortunately, but I can definitely see why you are fond of yours. Love that dress, love your pose 🙂

Rebel xox

MarQe October 27, 2013 - 11:18 am

Luscious colour & a very relaxed subject/photographer ….. Lovely Molly MQ x

fridayam October 27, 2013 - 12:40 pm

What a wonderful shot–and you look like the Queen of Infinite Space 😉 x

Jane October 27, 2013 - 1:27 pm

Mirrors rock. The colours and lighting in this image are wonderful. And you really are the fairest of them all! 🙂 Jane xxx

Malflic October 27, 2013 - 2:17 pm

I love how relaxed and natural you look. It gives me a very voyeuristic sense, which is great of course. The contrast in the colors of the chair against your skin and your dress along with the light in the foreground (I’m assuming from a desk lamp) and the muted solids on the back ground make the room seem much larger than is was,

Rose October 27, 2013 - 5:14 pm

I adore mirrors and your picture certainly is a gorgeous one!

dizzygirl October 27, 2013 - 5:55 pm

Nice self portrait. Gives me ideas.

PropertyOfPotter October 27, 2013 - 6:19 pm

I love how completely comfortable you are with yourself. Your confidence always shines through your images; whether you’re completely exposed, or being a tease!

Harper Eliot October 27, 2013 - 8:24 pm

I love this. Especially the detail and colour… gorgeous.

Miss Kitty October 27, 2013 - 8:57 pm

love your relaxed pose and nature – very self assured and beautiful

Beck October 27, 2013 - 9:59 pm

I always have the most difficult time with mirror images. I always love yours. 🙂

John October 27, 2013 - 11:23 pm

My first thought – a Canon EOS. Nice choice!

I clearly need to get out more! 🙂

Eva St. James October 27, 2013 - 11:31 pm

Love your polka dots!

urbanvox October 28, 2013 - 12:47 am

Oh!!! Lovely photo! 🙂
Dunno why I always think selfies on the mirror at hotel rooms are so naughty…
must do though… 😉

Love the minie mouse dress… 😉

Curvaceous Dee October 28, 2013 - 3:12 am

Boots! Polka dots! Knickers! Attitude!

You look bad-arse – love it .

xx Dee

Mia October 29, 2013 - 9:36 am

I love mirrors as well. Looking at this images reminds me that I really must do more of it!!

Great colours, contrasts and lighting.

~Mia~ xx


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