Flower girl

by Molly Moore
Molly topless in mirror with bunch of flowers in the vase next to the mirror

“Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning.”
~ Lydia M. Child

I was quietly working away when the doorbell rang. The dog, as is his way, got to the door first. I scooped him up in my arms and opened the door. The van was already driving away. On the step was a big box with my name on it.

She had sent me flowers.

A couple of weeks ago someone bought me Champagne and now someone else was sending me flowers. Amazing what happens when you are brave.

I arranged them in a vase, took a picture and sent it to her

“You have made me smile so damn much”

“Good” came back the reply.

All day I kept catching sight of them and every time I did that made me happy. That evening I took them up to bed with me and sat them on the side. I wanted them to be the first thing I saw in the morning and they were. I sent another picture from my phone that included more than just flowers and that sparked the idea for more images so I set up my tripod and ‘proper’ camera and got to work

In the end there were 4 slightly different images that I was pleased with but picking which one to post here was an impossible task. In the end I sent them all to the the flower giver and asked her to pick. I am sure the others will appear at some point but for now, it’s ladies choice.

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Focused and Filthy September 12, 2020 - 8:18 pm

It’s a wonderful choice I too received some unexpected flowers this week. Maybe I should get the camera out with them too.
This image also makes me more than smile.
Missy x

Modesty Ablaze September 13, 2020 - 10:28 am

Your photos are always so stylish and sexy … and the story of how this picture came about is warming and lovely.
I’m sure I will not be the only one hoping to see the other photos to accompany this.

Xxx – K

LittleSwitchBitch September 13, 2020 - 11:14 am

I love the edit on this and how that gerbera just pops and your body and the stem seem to mimic each other. Beautiful shot, Molly x

minnie September 13, 2020 - 4:19 pm

That is a really beautiful photo, and it caught me immediately. Is it you? Did you take it? If so, you should be proud. It is beautiful and sexy and elegant.

I usually buy or have flowers around most of the summer. I haven’t been able to this summer because of covid, and I miss them dearly.

Molly Moore September 13, 2020 - 6:22 pm

Hi Minnie

Yes I did take it. All the pictures on my blog are taken by me.


MariaSibylla September 13, 2020 - 4:55 pm

Absolutely stunning, Molly! It looks like a still from a movie that I most definitely want to watch.

Elliott Henry September 13, 2020 - 5:04 pm

Fabulous shot, I think this is my favorite. Two things I definitely love.

HappyComeLucky September 13, 2020 - 5:08 pm

This is so beautiful. It makes me think of you getting ready, watching someone, watching you in the mirror.

I love the words that go with this. I hope you get many more things and experiences that make you feel like this.

David Mei September 13, 2020 - 6:06 pm

I love the use of reflected images. Beautifully rendered. I love the line of an beneath arch of robs. Simply beautiful.

Ouizzi September 13, 2020 - 10:14 pm

Molly this is gorgeous and how lovely to get surprise flowers! X

Bee September 15, 2020 - 7:27 pm

You deserve that happiness so much! It makes me regret not sending you flowers all those months ago for fear of feeling daft.

DeviantSuccubus September 17, 2020 - 11:07 pm

This is a beautiful picture. And I love getting flowers, you are lucky!

Lisa Stone September 19, 2020 - 7:03 am

Great picture!


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