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Kink Craft sponsor banner top 100 sex blogs 2016

December is here and the year is almost done. I don’t know about you but I will be damn glad to see the back of 2016. However before we turn our minds to 2017 we have the Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2016 to celebrate.

The full list will be published here tomorrow (Friday 2nd December) but before that happens here are a few important points.

A word from our sponsors.

When Molly asked if we would like to support the top 100 list we jumped at the chance to support her and promote the amazing bloggers out there.

Since this started there has been a lot of discussion about the value of lists and the effect of promoting competition between bloggers. We hope you don’t view this list as trying to promote competition but rather recognise the most talented writers/journalists/authors, whilst also giving people outside the community a way to find excellent sex blogs on the Internet that they might not already know.

We know that Molly has worked hard to put together a fabulous list. It has been our pleasure to support her in this project and we are really excited to see the final line up tomorrow.

Andrew and Pixie

I would like to thank

My amazing sponsors, Kink Craft, who have not only supported me in this project but have created 3 beautiful custom-made floggers in gold, silver and bronze to send to the top 3 bloggers on the list. (there will also be a small gift sent to the rest of the bloggers in the top 10) Kink Craft are a company that I am very proud to be associated with and I really can’t thank them enough for their commitment to the list.

I must also thank Ruby Goodnight and Girl on the Net for offering impartial expert opinions when I was undecided if a site was indeed a sex blog or not. Their assistance and support has been invaluable.

Also @domsigns who has not only read all the blogs alongside me to give me so that I would have someone to talk about my thoughts with but also not smothered me with a pillow when after formatting the whole list for me we discovered a huge error in it meaning he had to start over. He is the best husband ever.

Finally to all the people who took the time to nominate their favourite blogs and most off to all the bloggers themselves who have provided me and you with so much fucking awesome sex writing yet again this year and made me hugely proud to be part of such a talented and diverse community.

How do you make the list?

I have written a detailed post on this which you should really go and read. It also explains what type of feedback you can get if you so wish. The Transparency Report

Why am I not on the list?

There are a number of possible reasons for this but the most likely is one of the following

  • You were not nominated – To be considered for the list someone has to have nominated you.
  • Not enough content – You had less that 24 posts over the last year or have not posted anything in the last 45 days.
  • Not old enough – You have been blogging for less than a year.
  • Password Protected – You blog is all or mostly password protected.
  • Reblogging – Your content is all or mostly reblogged from elsewhere.
  • You are not really a sex blog – The majority of your content is not about sex or sexuality.

I don’t like your list

I am sorry about that. I have worked very hard indeed to not make this a popularity contest but to score each and every blog fairly, and with as much of an unprejudiced eye as I can, based on the quality of their blog and content. I have spent hours not only reading but agonizing over the scores in the hope that the list will reflect this but as with all things I am fully aware that you can not please all of the people all of the time. Trying to do so would only mean that the list would never get produced. If you really hate it that much then why not make your own?

Final Thoughts

The world is a challenging place at the moment. As a community we are often isolated, ridiculed and even harassed for the work that we do. Many bloggers feel they have no option but to remain anonymous to safeguard their jobs, family, relationships etc. I live in hope that maybe one day that will no longer be the case and when it is I know that this community of sexual advocates will have played a huge roll in bringing about that change. The list, is a celebration of that whole community.

Kink Craft sponsor banner top 100 sex blogs 2016

  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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