Top 100 Sex Blogs 2021 Category Winners & New Voices

by Molly Moore
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Not quite the whole list. That will be revealed tomorrow but today it is time to reveal the category winners and new voices awards for the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2021

Firstly massive shout-out to the amazing Chaturbate for sponsoring the Top 100 Sex Blogs list for the 5th year in a row. Their support allows me to set aside other projects during November so that I can devote the time needed to creating the list. I thank them every year but really the lists continues to exist because of that support. They are amazing. Please do take a moment to visit their site. It makes them happy and me too!

This year I decided to add an additional element to the list in the guise of category awards. There are lots of amazing bloggers out there who create a huge variety of content. Some of them miss out on the Top 100 list because they for some reason or other they don’t meet the requirements, usually that is because they have not posted 24 times in a year.

It is necessary to have criteria for the Top 100 list because so many are nominated each year there has to be some way to whittle that down to 100 blogs otherwise it could easily become the Top 200 Sex Blogs. Hopefully the category awards will sit alongside the New Voices awards to highlight even more peoples sexy work.

So let’s start with the New Voices Awards

Some years this list has been very long with lots of people picking up the sex blogging habit but last year and the same this year that number has fallen. However rather than my traditional two new voices I have actually picked three. One of them a new sex toy review site and the other two more personal/image based projects both of which I have enjoyed hugely this year and I look forward to seeing how all three build on their great start.


My Wild Lens

Mx. Ed Reviews

(If you are one of these blogs and would like a New Voices badge to display on your blog send me an email [email protected])

Category Awards

There were 3 categories that bloggers could enter a specific post into: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Photography. Over the 3 categories 80 posts were submitted for consideration. The most popular category by far was non-fiction (34 posts) closely followed by the photography category(30) . The fiction category had 16 posts nominated.

That was a quite a lot of reading I can tell you. And that was on top of all the reading for the list. I maybe didn’t think this through when I came up with this idea but hey ho. I can’t really complain about having to read so much delightfully sexy content. The result of so much reading is that I have selected 3 winners in each category. A gold, silver and bronze if you will but I want to say that whittling it down to just three was ridiculously hard because everything submitted was just so good.

Non Fiction Awards

Quenby Creatives – Transphobia In Sex Blogging – One Year On

This was written back in March but I think the situation remains much the same today. It is a powerful piece of writing that gathers together view points on the subject for multiple different trans bloggers. It is, in my opinion, required reading especially if you are a cis blogger.

Queer Earthling – Moments from Earth: Croc Worship

This post is really a love letter and it made me cry. I have actually read it through a number of times immersing myself in the intense feelings that it inspired in me. it possibly one of the most beautiful things I have read in a very long time.

Love, Sex and Videotape – Casino Royale

I have made no secret of the fact that I love this project by Livvy. Last year it took the number 2 spot on the list but sadly this year Livvy has not quite written enough posts to qualify for the list so I was delighted to see this post in the category award nominations because it is by far and away my favourite review she has done this year.

Fiction Awards

Formidable Femme – One Rule

This captures so perfectly the intoxicating rush of basically seducing someone in a bar. Both parties are willing and wanton quite frankly and it also weaves in consent as a integral and also very hot part of the story. It is just beautifully written and it made me want to head to a bar and see what happens.

Joy as it Flies – Air

it is just utter glorious filth, beautifully written utter glorious filth at that. I love sucking cock and this story makes me long to get on my knees and enjoy a mouthful of dick.

Citrus and Sex – Letting Go

This one, like the previous two, is a piece that draws you into the tension of the moment between two people. Right from the powerful opening sentence you are captivated by the story. It might not have some of the same overt filth as the pervious two but it is definitely not lacking as a result. Far from it in fact. It inspired strong feelings in me and I have read it multiple times as a result.

Photography Awards

Exposing 40 – Catching Fire

Do I really need to say why? It is a truly exceptionally image. Yes the location is spectacular but the composition of the image is amazing. It this is a work of art in my opinion that deserves to be hung on a wall somewhere.

Happy Come Lucky – Chained

Here we have another work of art. The lighting in this amazing, how it picks up the underside if her breasts and the chains and clamps is brilliant. Also it is an image that you can feel. Either you will look and think, oh no, or like me you will look and you response will be a little physical kick of desire.

On Her Back – Pretty in Pad: Menstruating Sinful Sunday

I picked this one because it is frank and honest and shows the reality of being a person who menstruates. It challenges the idea that periods should not been seen and certainly not in the context of being sexy or sexual. Hurrah for normalising periods.

If you are one of these blogs and would like a Category Awards winner badge to display on your blog post send me an email [email protected]

Don’t forgot to come back tomorrow to see the full Top 100 Sex Blogs 2021 list.

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MxNillin December 2, 2021 - 10:15 am

Congratulations to all! This past year was pretty difficult for a lot of folks, I think. I know that for myself it was especially challenging to feel even remotely sexy, let alone write positive sexual things, when we’re all going through this international pandemic trauma. And yet, even amidst all of that, there is a lot of really excellent writing highlighted above. Well done, everyone! <3

Jaclyn Parker February 28, 2022 - 9:28 am

Entire list is amazing and I am looking forward to your next post!


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