Top 100 Sex Blogs 2015 Update & Poll

by Molly Moore
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Having already started to read through some of the nominations for the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list I have decided to just make some clarifications and I also have a very important question about the final list which I would like the community’s feedback on. More of that in a minute.

So far we have 150+ blogs that have  been nominated. That means some tough decisions will have to be made and some people are just not going to make it. In the original post about the list I stated that

The blog must be active, which means that the blogger posts at least once every few weeks. When I judge, any blog with no posts in the last 45 days will be eliminated.

However I have decided that to be considered for the list as well as the 45 day rule, you must also have a minimum of 24 posts during 2015. I am aware that quantity does not always mean quality but I feel that it would be hugely unfair to give someone a place the list who has barely produced any content in 2015 over someone who has been blogging regularly over that time period. 24 posts works out at an average of 2 a month which I think is an acceptable cut off point.

So now to the list itself. Up until last year Rori always posted the list in number order. Thereby giving everyone on the list a numbered place based on her assessments. Last year she changed that and only published a top ten and posted the rest of the list in alphabetical order. Discussions with Rori about this have led me to believe that many people did not like the new style list and preferred the list in its former layout with everyone being awarded a numbered place. My instinct is to return to the former system and publish a fully numbered list however I want to produce a list that the whole community feels comfortable and supportive of and so I have decided that YOU, and by you I mean both bloggers and readers, should get input into how the list is presented.

To help you, this is an example if how the list looked when it was fully ranked Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2013 and this an example, Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2014, of last years list with only the Top 10 given a numbered spot.

To be clear I am in favour of and leaning towards the fully numbered list. (Option 1 in the poll)

So,I want to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment if you wish but please do vote in the poll below and I will make my decision based on the results. The poll will close on the 31st January.

Option 1 – The list to be fully numbered from 1 – 99 in the order which I have ranked them. You

Option 2  Only the top 10 to be ranked and the rest in alphabetical order.

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If this is the first you have heard of the list please check out this post, Top 100 Sex Blogs 2015 Redux, for more details and leave any nominations you have on that post.

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dave January 25, 2016 - 6:39 am

I prefer the fully numbered list as this is less confusing…and a ranking will let us know how things stand for all blogs in the list. Go for it!

Ann St. Vincent January 25, 2016 - 12:25 pm

Hi Molly! I think your minimum number of posts idea is a great one for exactly the reasons you mention. This may sound cynical, but I did see an uptick in otherwise long-silent bloggers putting out a post right before nominations closed for Rori, and I wondered if it was to preserve a spot on the list.

I have no preference on the numbering. I think it’s way more work for you to do the fully numbered list and deciding if someone is 69 or 70 seems a difficult exercise. But if you have a method that works that’s not too onerous then go for it 🙂


Girl on the net January 25, 2016 - 6:08 pm

Agree there should be a minimum number of posts, and HELL YES to the numbered list rather than alphabetical. I’m actually looking to find a way to randomise the blogroll display on my site, having spotted that people with alphabetical names end up getting more clicks. I don’t know why this bothers me, because there are some great A-name bloggers. I just feel sad for the people at the bottom of the list.

Sassy January 31, 2016 - 2:40 am

Thanks for asking! I had fun thinking about it and having a chance to out in my 2 cents!


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