Top 100 Sex Blogs 2022 Category Winners & New Voices

by Molly Moore
Top 100 Sex blogs 2022 nominations

Tomorrow the Top 100 Sex Blogs list will be revealed but today it is time to announce the category winners and new voices awards for the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2022

Firstly massive shout-out to the amazing Chaturbate for sponsoring the Top 100 Sex Blogs list yet again. Their support allows me to set aside other projects during November so that I can devote the time needed to creating the list. I thank them every year but really the lists continues to exist because of that support. They are amazing. Please do take a moment to visit their site. It makes them happy and me too!

Last year I decided to add an additional element to the list in the form of category awards. There are lots of amazing bloggers out there who create a huge variety of content. Having these category awards gets more opportunity to showcase all that amazing content.

So let’s start with the New Voices Awards

Some years this list has been very long with lots of people picking up the sex blogging habit but in recent years that number has fallen. However rather than my traditional two new voices I have actually picked three. One of them a new sex toy review site and the other two are more personal/experience based projects. I look forward to seeing how all three build on their great start.

Fantastic Frost

Becoming Bear

Robyn Eats Everything

(If you are one of these blogs and would like a New Voices badge to display on your blog send me an email [email protected])

Category Awards

There were 3 categories that bloggers could enter a specific post into: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Photography. Over the 3 categories 63 posts were submitted for consideration. As ever reading all that content took some time but it was very enjoyable time I can tell you, There are 3 winners in each category.

Non Fiction Awards

Queer Earthling – Small Penis Jokes Need To Stop

This is actually a topic I have had on my list to write about for a while. Using penis size as a joke and/or a way to shame someone seems to still be so common. I even see it from sex positive folks who really should know better. This article nails perfectly the issues with this.

The Big Gay Review – An Ode to Dick

I feel like this is the perfect companion piece to Queer Earthlings. It is a glorious love letter to the wonderfulness that is dick and I totally agree; Cocks are beautiful.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch – My Breasts

(CW Graphic image of post breast cancer reconstruction surgery) Julie has written a lot of content over the last few years about her experiences with breast cancer. She has tackled the subject in a raw and honest way. This year she has her reconstruction surgery and wrote a number of posts before and after but this one really stands out for me because it is full of hope and happiness at where she finally finds herself

Fiction Awards

Sweet Rori’s Secrets – Ouija

Things have come full circle because Rori was the blogger who invented the Top 100 list and gave me the honour of being the winner in 2012. When she retired I took it over and now she is back I get to honour her work in return. I am not going to say much about this piece apart from it is that perfect combination of creepy and unsettling and very hot.

Lascivious Lucy Atwood – Going to the Ball

I do love a erotic fairy tale and this twist on the Cinderella story which features some fabulous Shibari rope totally captivated me.

Girl on the Net – The four times I make you come

GOTN is a previous winner of the Top 100 and if you want proof as to why then you couldn’t get much better than this utterly glorious filth that makes my Domme side literally twitch with need.

Photography Awards

Maria Opens Up – Up and Down

It is just so striking and demands you attention. As soon as I clicked on it when I was looking through all the entries I knew this one was going to be in my top three.

A Leap of Faith – Happy Humpday

It is just so beautiful, the shapes of her body but also the colours of the water, flowers and her tattoo all just work perfectly and finally that little wisp of hair curling down the back of her arm just bring it even more to life.

A to sub Bee – Lover of Cock

This is one of those images that give you pause for thought as you work out what exactly it is you are looking at. It is such a clever shot and all the stronger for being in black and white.

If you are one of these blogs and would like a Category Awards winner badge to display on your blog post send me an email [email protected]

Don’t forgot to come back tomorrow to see the full Top 100 Sex Blogs 2022 list.

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Rori December 2, 2022 - 11:13 pm

Molly!!! Thank you so much. You do a fantastic job with this list as it evolves every year. Xoxoxoxoxo

Molly Moore December 5, 2022 - 12:25 pm

Aww thank you lovely. That means a lot to me


Molly Moore December 12, 2022 - 4:37 pm

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