Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017 – Nominations!

By on October 1, 2017.

Yes it really is time to start the 2017 version of the list!

So let’s get started with the exciting news of this years sponsors of the list.

Chaturbate sponsors of the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017

This year the list will be sponsored by the wonderful Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is the worlds most popular web-cam where you can chat for free. You’ll find thousands of broadcasters live on cam and ready to play, every time you visit. You don’t even have to enter your email or credit card to meet someone to share your sexy fantasies.

Having a sponsor for the list helps me to be able to afford to give the list the proper time and attention it deserves. I believe that the list is a valuable project within the sex blogging community. It helps to recognise some of the best sex bloggers around and also allows a more established blogger like myself to share some of our ‘traffic juice’ with lesser known but not lesser valued voices. In addition it is also a great resource for people looking for great sex blogs to read. From the very first contact with Chaturbate they have been totally on board with the aims of the list and enthusiastic about supporting the sex blogging community as a whole and so I was thrilled when they agreed to become this years sponsors. Please do take a few moments to go and check them out and enjoy their fabulous site.

Now on with details about this years list

What is the score?

I create a spread sheet, sexy stuff I know, and each blog nominated will be marked on 4 different areas (10 possible marks in each) resulting in a score out of 40 based on the following areas. We will then average out those scores with any ties will being judged by us. This is not a small task and so just to be clear @domsigns will be helping me with this process. This post, The Transparency Report, covers in great detail how the list is made including lots of details about how and what the scores are awarded for but an overview of that is below.

  • Blog Design – Is it pleasing to the eye, is it easy to find content, is it mobile responsive, is social media information easy to find, is the actual text easy to read?
  • Content – Quality of content. Is it original, interesting, innovative, sexy, inspiring etc? If the images are not created by the blog author are they being used ethically, as in full credits for where an image is sourced from provided? Quantity of content, see the rules below.
  • About Me – Is it easy to find out information about the author of the site that gives a new reader some insight into who or what the site is about. You might want to read the post I wrote on this subject especially if you don’t have an about me page or have not updated it since you first started blogging. What about you?
  • My Personal Score – Rori’s list was always based on what SHE liked and there is no way round this but for me to do the same. If you knock my knickers off then you are going to do well and it is as simple as that.

New Voice of the Year

This award goes to two blogs that are new this year and therefore have not been around long enough to qualify for the Top Sex Bloggers list but who have caught my eye as being interesting and exciting and ones to look out for in the future. You are welcome to include a New Voice Blog in your nominations if you wish.

The Rules of the Game…

I have created a permanent page on my site for the rules, any updates or amendments will be published here but as this is the nominations posts I am putting them here also. PLEASE make sure you READ them before making your nominations!

  • If you are a sex blogger, no nominating yourself! I encourage your to tell your readers and social media followers so they can nominate you.
  • Each nomination MUST include the blog url, not just a name
  • The number of nominations any blog gets is not relevant to the outcome of the list. So those with 1 nomination and those with 20 are all considered for the list on an equal footing. Although I do record the numbers down and in the event of a tiebreak between two blogs for a place on the list number of nominations might be taken into account.
  • Blog content can be anything sex related – erotica/fiction, sex education, sex news, dating, reviews, photography, confessionals, non fiction, personal life accounts etc. Nothing illegal, obviously.
  • The blog can’t be protected. It’s ok if a few of the posts are protected, but the entire blog can’t be behind a password.
  • The blog should be at least a year old, but anyone who’s been blogging since at least November 1st, 2016 will be considered. Special exceptions will be made for someone who has recently moved to a new blog, but was previously blogging somewhere else.
  • You can nominate as many bloggers as you like, but please try to limit it to your very favorites.
  • The blog must have a minimum of 24 posts published between 1st Nov 2016 – 31st Oct 2017. Any blog with no posts in the last 45 days will be eliminated.
  • Tumblr style blogs that are purely reposting other people’s content are not eligible for the list.
  • Commercial magazine style sites are not eligible for the list.
  • Blogs attached to commercial shops are not eligible for the list.
  • Blogs that previously won the #1 spot have been retired (see the list below).

Previous winner on the list are: Sinclair SexSmith (2008) Coquitten (blog no longer available. 2009) (No #1 winner in 2010) Guy New York (2011) Molly’s Daily Kiss (2012) Lady Pandorah (Blog no longer open. 2013) Girl on the Net (2014) A Dissolute Life Means (2015) Domme Chronicles (2016)


These are the current rules as of 1st October 2017. We reserve the right to amend, adapt, change or suspend the rules at our discretion but any changes will be issued in writing on this site.

I know a lot of blogs but I do not know everyone and I am relying on you to help me get to know many more. Nominations are now open. You make your nominations in the comments below or you can email them directly to me Please mark the subject line with ‘2017 Nominations’. Please feel free to return and make as many nominations as you wish. Nominations will run until the 1st of November 2017 which should give people plenty of time. That will give me November to do all the reading etc with the aim of publishing the list in the first week of December 2017.

I think that just about covers it, now it is over to you for the nominations!


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  1. Thank you for continuing to curate this list, Molly. Your energy and creativity and dedication to this community are amazing. ❤

    My nominations:

    And the following blog has not been around long enough to qualify (though the author may write elsewhere, or may have previously written elsewhere – I’m not sure), but I know there has been a “new voice” award given in the past, so I’m also including:
    Mrs Fever recently posted..SmackMy Profile

  2. This has to be a gargantuan undertaking, especially with all the other biz you have going on, so thank you for taking this list on once again, Molly 🙂

    Some of my faves have already been mentioned (Kayla Lords, Mischa Eliot, Sub Bee & Rebel’s Notes) but I’d also like to throw some votes in for:

    And if there is to be a new voice award, I’d nominate:

    Thank you to the lovely peeps who have nominated me ❤
    Ella recently posted..One Day, You’ll LearnMy Profile

  3. I wanted this to be an expression of the blogs I seek out regularly, not just a list of sex blogs. I buy my sex toys on a hint of enjoyment and togetherness with my sex partner, so I do not tend to read reviews. I enjoy the written in depth blog not just Sinful Sunday photographs etc, so the first blog I nominate is
    His writing really does capture his real life enjoyment of his particular kinks. I never feel short changed as he writes in incredible detail, truly about sex. He also hints at his feelings and day to day life including the sadness of the moment.
    The second I nominate just for the sheer joy her photographs bring me, the settings used and the subject matter. It is a blog I turn to for a ray of sunshine and the first Sinful Sunday post I seek out. However I don’t know whether it is a sex blog per se but by heck I thoroughly love it. Her ability is incredible

  4. Ok the second list for me – Some here have already been mentioned but as you say in the rules you may count for a tiebreak so I have including some already nominated blogs
    May More recently posted..Wet Play At Home or Away ~ On Sinful SundayMy Profile

  5. Okay, well, this is a difficult thing to do this year, as I can’t do the ILB Copout Technique™ of lazily copy-and-pasting those people I usually nominate.

    But here goes with this year’s, anyway:

    1. Emmeline Peaches ( for her incredible output and excellent writing
    2. Amy CK ( because, ever since Eroticon ’17, she’s been an great blogger and puts a lot of thought into what she writes
    3. Horny Geek Girl ( For Great Justice
    4. Cheeky Minx ( because I love her photography… and her words, though melancholy, are very well-chosen
    5. Sarah ( because I first met her this year, and she’s lovely

    And one wildcard:

    Hannah (, because I like the confessional style of her blog and she read well at ‘con. Her blog’s been up and down for a while, but since it’s now up, I feel no qualms about nominating her.
    Innocent Loverboy recently posted..You’re not you when you’re horny…My Profile

  6. Dear Molly & @domsigns,
    Thank you so much for taking on this monumental task yet again! I see that my favorite blogs have been nominated already. And I’m excited to become acquainted with the ones that are new to me.
    Most sincerely,

  7. I discovered so many amazing blogs last year through your list. So I’m really excited to have the chance to nominate some of my favourites this year! I’m sure this won’t be my only list, but my nominations are:
    Aurora Glory recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Ultraviolet FluidsMy Profile

  8. I knew I’d be back!
    Kayla Lords recently posted..A Reward for Good BehaviorMy Profile

  9. Hi, I’d like to nominate the following in no particular order:
    Aurora Glory
    Phallophile (whose silic one dildo guide is pinned to computer tabs)
    Tabitha Rayne
    Jo – Teachers have Sex
    Lascivious Lucy
    Screaming Violet
    Hey Epiphora
    Oh Joy Sex Toy
    Indigo Byrd recently posted..Botanica – Leaves & SpikesMy Profile

  10. I have reread Molly’s tweets and rules and therefore am going to add the following to my absolute favourites.

    Honey absolutely inspires, despite at times fighting her own body image (despite everyones belief in her beauty) she posts pictures that really mean something to her, and we are privileged to share both in their share beauty but in the explanation of her writing about the image. I adore her love also of her shadow photographs, they bring a smile to my face as well.
    I adore the vibrant colours on the home page, it instantly draws me in, and despite not using sex toys reviews I find myself glancing at Aurora’s reviews as well as the other wealth of matters on her blog. She comes over so naturally interested in the subject.
    I was aware via Sinful Sunday of Kilted Wookie delightful and amusing and tempting images but have also spent some time reading the above blog. It is written with an honesty and clarity of how he feels and I respect him writing about his living with an illness.
    This encompasses so much, a real variety of writing, pictures and information. It also gives me food for thought, and due to the strength of her writing makes me want to respond which I did so her encouragement led me to enjoy writing a one off piece for which I thank her. I have spent some time reading and enjoying.

  11. Didn’t realise GOTN has won previously, but going to shamelessly shout her out here anyway as her blog has been genuinely life changing for me.

    Also loving Candi at:
    A really interesting mix of the political and deliciously filthy and even when she writes about stuff I’m not personally into, it’s written in such a way that makes think about the topic whereas usually I’d just think ‘pass’ and click on the next post.

    Thanks Molly for organising this list and for all you do in the field – I’m also delighted to see a bunch of new sites I can check out above! xxx

  12. Can’t believe it’s that time of year!
    Thanks again Molly for this terrific undertaking x x x so much work simply looking though the list to make sure I don’t repeat any blogs – I can’t imagine the time it takes you to read and blimmin rate them all!
    I’ve loved so many blogs this year – there’s a couple I haven’t seen on the list yet, – oo nope, they are here! *looks again* if I start writing all my faves, it will basically be everyone on this list

    Violet Fenn – – not sure if Emmanuelle blogs a lot but she has a wonderful erotica writing series
    is… Eye here, oh… yes, she’s there too! All my faves are here already! I’ll keep checking x x x
    Tabitha Rayne recently posted..Knickerless Girls Shouldn’t Climb TreesMy Profile

  13. I have two nominations for the “new voice” vote:
    The quality of the writing here brings me back to read time after time. It seems almost like this blog burst onto the scene already formed.
    Another male blogger but one who stepped very tentatively onto the blogging scene. His writing is growing in confidence and quality each day and I am really enjoying his journey.
    May More recently posted..Sex Blogging Hologram ~ Questions for MayMy Profile

  14. First of all, as so many have said already, a huge high five and thank you for all the work on this. I’ve scrolled up and down this this so many times trying to find blogs that I love that haven’t already been nominated.

    The one I don’t think I’ve seen is

    Can I nominate their blog? I know their a shop/small business but they host some great guest posts and I’ve especially loved watching Monika’s photo passion come alive this year.
    Exposing40 recently posted..Elust 99My Profile

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