A Kitten Abroad

By on October 3, 2017.

Michael’s girlfriend is here. She is visiting from the USA and is only here for a few days. Too few days in fact is what we have all decided today.

They have been exploring their relationship long distance for 6 months now and this is their first in person meeting and I have been lucky enough to witness all of it and it has been joyful.

I have never been a jealous person and we have certainly had a previous third partner but this time round it is slightly different as this is definitely their relationship and so I have wondered if that might change anything for me but it hasn’t. They are Daddy and Kitten. It is their thing they have built together and I love it. I love seeing them together. They both look so happy to be near each other finally. We are all sharing a bed and today I have watched them play, witnessed Cara working off her points and got to take some beautiful pictures of her as well as the both of them together.

So far I have not written about this new part of our lives because mainly it was their thing and also it was new for everyone and needed space to develop without scrutiny so if you are thinking, wait, what, did I miss something, you really didn’t as this is the first mention of it here but it won’t be the last. Mostly it is their story to tell and share if they wish but clearly I have a place in it and I have my own thoughts and feelings to explore which I will do in time.

The internet is a wonderful thing, it brings people together who would never have found one another without such technology but it does also mean that often times people find someone who doesn’t live in their street, town, city or even their country and then the complications of long distance relationships arise. I know all too well how tough that can be seeing as Michael and I started off that way too so what the future holds only time will tell but another trip is being planned, but in the meantime the thing to do is to focus on the here and now and enjoy this short but precious time together.

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  1. Lovely pic, Molly, and yes, truer words have not been spoken. The internet is a wonderous thing for connecting people and making us all feel a little less lonely and isolated.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the playful banter between M & C, and thought that’s all it was. SO AWESOME to read your post and learn that something more has developed from this, and that you thr33 have taken it to a tangible level in which you’re all feeling delight! YAY!

    FYI, Krystal and I also got to know each other in a similar ‘online’ fashion, and subsequently lived together with another woman in an amazing FMF triad for over seven years. That page eventually turned, and our third moved on to seek new adventures on her own, however K & I remain uber-happy together, and are still open to sharing with another if/when the right partner comes along.

    Cant wait to hear more and more about your newfound love! <3
    Mr Minx recently posted..…Crossing Her T’s…My Profile

    • Thank you, we have indeed shared with another woman before but this time the long distance aspect makes it a bit more challenging but it is still wonderful


  3. Love your title. I’ve known that kitten before anyone here, back when we weren’t writing such naughty blogs, and I’m so happy for her. And Daddy, and you too, Molly. Looking forward to hearing more from everyone involved. Wish she could stay longer.

    And you are so right about the internet… look at all our friends here.
    Elliott Henry recently posted..Hydration PleasurationMy Profile

  4. It is always fun and exciting to see a budding relationship as it grows and blooms. I hope all parties involved enjoy

  5. Without the internet, my life wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it is now. We are blessed to have such a wonderful resource at our fingertips.

    This is a beautiful image of Cara and a fascinating account of her relationship with Michael.

    Miss Scarlet recently posted..The GP – Part TwoMy Profile

  6. I echo the sentiments of Cammies on the Floor. I’m struck by the beauty of the photo, as well as, a certain wistfulness. The openness and sharing of a third in a relationship is amazing when it works. I suppose that’s true for all relationships. I am at the other end of the spectrum, picking up pieces of what fell apart. Reading your post reminded me of how good it can be. There is a spark of hope within your words. Thanks for sharing.

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