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Socks Rock

naughty school girl on trampoline

I love socks! For anyone who follows the Sinful Sunday blog this statement will not come as any surprise. I love them on me and I love them on other women too. An image with cute socks in is nearly always bound to catch my attention.

I have a rather extensive collection of socks, which was just added to by one of my friends who bought me a red tartan pair for Christmas. Seems she knows me well. I am particularly fond of the funky coloured thigh or knee-high ones but to be honest, fluffy warms soft socks of all descriptions tend to make me happy.

My love of socks probably stems from something not kink related at all and that is poor circulation which results in me constantly struggling to keep warm. Socks are a must in my world in that regard and I even wrote a funny post a few years back in response to some research that claimed that both men and woman found it easier to orgasm when they left their socks on. I am not sure about the science of this but I certainly had fun testing the theory;  Socks!

However there is something else about socks that do it for me. I can’t say that they are vital to my kink but they are certainly a part of my kink personality at times. I don’t identify as a ‘little’ but that being said I find the youthful, playful persona that socks are part of is definitely something that turns me on. Unlike stocking and suspenders (also something I love but for different reasons) socks are not as suggestively sexy in the same way. Socks hint at an innocence often intermingled with a knowing naughtiness, combine them with little sneakers or gym shoes and the look is complete.

Sock are mischievous, they make me feel sexy in that ‘naughty girl’ way. I like that feeling, I like the suggestion of that image, the turned in toes, the too short skirt, the white panties, the socks. Should I be sucking on a lollipop too? Maybe, or maybe something else entirely. Any thoughts?

naughty school girl on trampoline

Ankle socks with little frills, white knee socks, funky thigh high socks, striped, spotty, plain, fluffy…. socks are sexy, they make me feel sexy, they make me look sexy. Socks rock!

After writing this I have decided that I shall spend the next couple of weeks working on a series of sock images to show you exactly what I mean. Hopefully I have enough to create one image a day for a whole week. Sock week will be coming soon!

In keeping with this theme, my Sinful Sunday is all about socks too!


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  • Cammies on the Floor

    I love that it was said somewhere that people socks help orgasms. It seems that socks are most often the thing that people insist on removing during sex.
    I really love this black and white photo, and how mischievous you appear to be.

  • Sammi

    I am looking forward to seeing your sock image series!

  • Malflic

    As usual you’ve made me stop and think. Which I love! The socks in your photos have always caught my eye but I wouldn’t call them a kink. However the Lolitaesque set up you provided might make me rethink it. Perhaps socks fit into my eternal love for the school girl look. And the ankle socks with little frills MMMMM.

  • Elliott

    One of the fun things of looking at sex blogs is seeing images you haven’t seen before. Molly, I think this is such a sexually arousing image. Every man’s fantasy. It brings to mind Louise Brooks and I can’t help but think of the two of you as I masturbate.

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