Other People’s Orgasms: I want you to come

by Molly Moore
Womans hand giving man a handjob with his cum running down her hand for post about other people's orgasm

Other people’s orgasms are maybe the root of so many of my other filthy perversions…

Many years ago during the summer of swinging my then partner and I were at our favourite swingers club. We ended up in one of the play rooms with two other couples. They were both new to swinging and were not up for actually swapping but wanted to play with their partner while others watched or did their own thing. After a bit they started to relax and get a bit more adventurous. My partner then suggested that the 3 women lay down in a row and their respective partners would go down on them. Everyone agreed.

Fairly quickly hands started to wander. The women next to me reached over and started to stroke my breast and play with my nipple. I was surprised for a moment. They had all said no swap, just watching but I went with it and returned the favour. After a little while my partner, who was very good at making people feel comfortable and confident asked if maybe everyone was up for similar with the men’s hands. All 3 of us agreed and so then while they were going down on their own partners they were reaching across and sliding a finger into the person beside them etc. It was hot. Really fucking hot to have another man touching me while my partner licked me. Everyone was obviously enjoying themselves from the sounds they were making but then the girl to me left started muttering about please don’t stop, yeah like that and then she was coming. The sounds of it, of her cries and moans was a massive trigger for me and much to my surprise I found myself coming too and then seconds later so did the third woman

That was when I first realised that other people’s orgasms was such a massive turn on for me that it could, if I was also being stimulated, potentially trigger my orgasm too.

I had certainly experienced it the other way. Having sex with a partner, me coming and them being so turned on by my orgasm, by the feel of it but also just knowing I had come with them that moments later they orgasmed too but that was the first time in a group setting when I realised that just being in an environment with everyone turned on, listening to the noises of other peoples pleasure, other people’s orgasms, could be a trigger for me too.

You have to remember I was fledgling pervert back then. This was some of my first real filthy adventures and it was a huge period of discovery for me. It was during that summer when I first had sex with another woman and realised how exciting, thrilling even. and also so damn hot it was to make another woman come. Sung was a good, patient, gentle teacher. I will always be grateful to her for that initiation and glad she was my first women. Her guiding me, showing me how she liked it and coming for me was the moment when I confirmed my bisexuality to myself.

I am far from that fledgling pervert now. This was nearly 15 years ago after all but that summer and those experiences definitely informed me of so many things about myself and it was definitely then that I realised other people’s orgasms was a massive hot button for me.

I think it is closely linked to my jizz fetish. Maybe they are essentially the same thing just that jizz is a physical manifestation of a person with a penis orgasm. Which is why I love seeing it come out and then I love seeing it on me. The money shot of my partner is definitely something that I find massively arousing and also satisfying. In some way them coming can be just a pleasing to me as my own orgasm. Obviously I don’t get the same physical release if I don’t come but I do get the mental aspect of it. I feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing I was part of that.

I think quite a few of my kinks are all related to this overarching one.

My love of a cum tribute. It’s about jizz but it is also about other people’s orgasms being exciting to me even if I am not there to take part in it or witness it directly.

Blow jobs, yet again we are back to jizz but the whole process, hearing them, watching them, feeling them grow harder in my mouth and finally filling my mouth with their cum or even painting my lips and chin and breasts with it. Enjoying their pleasure, getting off on their pleasure. It’s absolute fire to me.

My kink for being used, for being fucked for his pleasure. “Use me to make yourself come” Just the thought of saying that to him makes my cunt twitch or even more him saying it to me. I am going to use for my pleasure and my pleasure alone” *whimpers at the thought.

My love for being come in. Yes more jizz but it’s also about his orgasm. Knowing I felt good, so good in fact that it made him empty his balls into me. I could and totally have wanked to that idea on so many an occasion. Someone coming in me, makes me weak at the knees just thinking about it.

Yes I know all these scenarios involve a partner with a penis but that is because my overwhelming experience and partners have all been people with a penis but…

The thought of telling her to undress for me. Slowly. Take your time. So that eventually she is standing naked before. I wonder if she is wet already. Could I slip a finger straight into her? I take her picture. Telling her where to sit and where to lay and then I ask her to make herself come. No, that’s wrong. I tell her to make herself come for me. She blushes, looks down for a moment but then back up at me and she knows she is going to do it and so do I. She lays there before me, her legs open, her favourite toy in her hand and I watch her fuck herself to orgasm for me. It takes all my will power not to reach into my own pants and join her, My cunt aches with need but I don’t want to break this moment, the spell of her doing it for me while I watch, interested but silent. When she comes I want to slide my fingers in her and feel it. But I don’t. Next time I will, but this time I just watch. Consuming her. Committing her to memory. So I can use her again and again even when she is not there to make myself come whenever I feel like it.

Yeah, other peoples orgasms are so very much my kink. Come with me, come for me, come because of me, Tell me about it, let me watch, let me taste it, let me feel it, let me part of it, use me to make it happen. Your pleasure is my pleasure. I want you to come.

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Ogden January 30, 2023 - 7:32 pm

Hot stuff Molly!

Snapshotz January 30, 2023 - 8:03 pm

@mollyskiss Your text is mindblowing! Other people's orgasms are my kink too. There is nothing so arousing as to see, hear, feel someone comimg – the harder the better. :blushing:

Kenneth Benoit aka Benke January 30, 2023 - 8:36 pm

I love this post. I love watching others cumm. I love to give pleasure more then receiving pleasure. I love to cumm on my wife’s tits and would love to lick ot off of them. But unfortunately she is not that adventurous.

David Mei January 31, 2023 - 7:31 pm

Oh Molly I do resemble this from the other gender’s perspective. My orgasm is not as important to me as my lover’s I love to watch her cum. And I know she feels very much like you when she is making me cum. Thanks for your post it may have had me thinking of paying tribute.

Bee February 9, 2023 - 6:03 pm

I’m with you here, other peoples orgasms are far more important than my own.

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