Nyotaimori thoughts

by Molly Moore
Nyotaimori chop stick plucking at Molly's nipple edited in black and white

“‘Nyotaimori’ is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked persons body.”

I have to admit that it is not something I have ever really given much thought to. The idea of being the serving platter does not really appeal. It’s feels too passive for me I think. A bit like being a footstool or a table or standing in the corner waiting for attention. It wouldn’t particularly turn me on and so as a result I would quickly grow bored and restless. It is just not me.

So Nyotaimori has always been something I have consigned to the, no thank you, department of my kink

That is until very recently when someone sent me a picture of them covered in Sushi. It all looked rather tempting and it made me realise that maybe this kink might have some interest for me after all. Just not as the serving platter in the scenario but as one of the eaters.

The picture she sent had me imaging her laid out on the table. The delicious morsels of food placed strategically all over her body. Across her tummy and down over her mons. Maybe even something particularly delicious sitting right at the V point of her legs. Little temptations on her thighs and others on her breasts and chest. If she moves too much or even takes a really deep breath she risks the ones sitting atop her breast tumbling down.

She would need to be so still to be the perfect platter. Would she be the perfect platter?

Would I start at her thighs and work my up or should I start at her chest and work down? Maybe the best way is to pick and choose from all over. One from up here just by her belly button and then one from her thigh. She wouldn’t know where I was going to pick next and eat time she would have to wait while I ate and it is not something you would want to rush.

I wonder if she would be getting wet, laying there, presenting herself and the food to me. Would she want me to discard the chop sticks and start using my fingers? Trailing them across her skin as I tried to decide which one to pop next into my mouth. Would a little sigh escape from her mouth when my fingers grazed the underside of her breast?

And when the food is all gone and she is just left laying there, an empty platter, what then I wonder? Could there be dessert?

Nyotaimori – Turns out it is quite a mouth watering idea when you really start to think about it.

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Jim Hengel February 8, 2022 - 6:07 pm

It would be interesting to be eating from such a delectable “platter” to say the least, but a delicious one nevertheless.

Chrisy Kay February 8, 2022 - 8:09 pm

I have thought about this too. I am not sure I could be the one covered in sushi. I think I fidget too much. I could just imagine a leg twitch or god forbid I am on my back and get a cramp! Your perspective of participating in something like that is quite intriguing, however!

Venus February 9, 2022 - 12:36 pm

Sexy as ever Miss Molly!

? Venus

Bee February 20, 2022 - 3:31 pm

It’s not something I thought would work for me but being the centre of all that attention really was quite delicious!


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