Threats? Yes please

by Molly Moore
Man leaning in behind molly who is looking at the camera for posts about kinky threats

Words are powerful. They can hurt us, they can affirm us and they can mostly turn us on. This piece is about the power of words in the form of threats and therefore contains elements of consensual non-consent and threats of a various nature. The relationships here described here and the interactions were all done within the framework of an adult consensual relationship.

“You know what you need?


“Someone to teach you a lesson”

“Someone?” I replied laughing

“Yes, someone. And you know exactly who someone is but if in doubt I will explain more thoroughly when I see you”


“Yes, yes.“ I mumbled back

“Did you hear what I said?” he asked

“Oh, um, yes. Definitely heard it”

The response I got to that was a laugh. That knowing bastard laugh that you get when they know their words have had the desired impact which was why I was silent and then stammering over my words because his words had set my filthy mind ablaze with what ‘being taught a lesson’ might involve. I didn’t need to know. Telling me would have spoiled it. The best thing was that he left it as this vague but also very definite threat or some might claim a promise rather a threat. Either way it worked and those words haunted my masturbatory fantasies for quite a while.

Words are powerful

The pen is mightier than the sword and all that. Sadly that saying has been used to dismiss the power of violence through history. Don’t protest, don’t fight, write letters, use your words but when someone is trying to take away your rights or even kill you then a stiffly worded letter is not really going to do it but I digress. Back to the kink of things.

A hand on my neck will definitely get my attention, pinning me up against the wall, blocking the door, tightening the cuffs, there are so many actions that can reduce me a subby bag of horn but the right words, at the right moment, delivered in just the right way can do everything actions can do and then some.

“Make it feel good for me or I will hurt you”

“Is that really the way you want to play this?”

“Try me”

“I am going to make you cry later”

“Next time I am going to put it in your arse”

“You are going to regret that when we get home”

“You can open your legs or I can make your open your legs”

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way”

I love that last one because it is a threat that tells me if I want a fight he is in the mood to give me one and if I don’t then I can skip it by being compliant. It gives me some wiggle room in the moment and the ability to indicate the tone of what might happen next.

Threats that are simple effective words that hit right in the cunt. Words that concentrate and mind and often fill it with various images of what he might mean by “hurt me” or how exactly he will make me cry or what he will do to make me regret it. He doesn’t need to tell me, if anything that might even take away some of the impact of the threat but just leave it to my over active filth filled brain to play with and you can pretty much guarantee that before anything has even really happened I will be a aching wet slut both wanting it and scared of ‘it’ all the same time.

When threats are implied

“Put your hands on the counter and keep them there.”

He didn’t need the, or else. In fact an, or else, at the end of the statement might have somehow lessened it. Maybe that is just me but in my head it could potentially invite a sassy response. It would have this scene more playful which is definitely was not as this was a punishment. I was, if you like, being taught a lesson. One I don’t plan on forgetting any time soon. His statement about my hands was most definitely a threat but it was one of those ones that sounds like an instruction or the even more tricky one, a question.

“I can just tie you down if you prefer?”

“Shall I stop then?”

“Pick a toy for me to beat you with”

“Interesting choice” This could be in relation to the toy I picked but also used at other times, maybe in response to be bratty or difficult.

The questions one always trap you. Being tied down sounds like it might be fun but at the same time you know a sentence like that is never going to be exactly what it seems and then their is the one about stopping. That is always a mind fuck because you don’t want it to stop but also you do but really you don’t and what did you say?

When threats are not words

When threats are not words they are actions and one very specific action which is The Look. He doesn’t need to lean over and whisper into my ear “you are going to pay for that” he just delivers it with a look.

As I wrote back in 2014 about The Look

“It is meant to bring me up short, to make me stumble over my words, to bring a hot flush of heat to my face as I realise I have pushed things just a little bit to far. It is delivered with precision and a clear intention, there are no smiles of knowing wickedness or twinkles of devilment but instead a cool harsh reprimand delivered in one glance. Sometimes it is warning, sometimes a challenge”

But always a threat. That cold eye contact that holds my gaze just long enough to tell me that I am he plans to deal me with at some point. That being dealt with might be fun or it might not, likely somewhere in between. That being dealt with is not up for negotiation or bargaining. We are past that point and he will do as he pleases. The Look does exactly what a veiled threat does with extra spice. It makes my brain fill in all the gaps. It lets me imagine what might happen and for someone with an over active dark and filthy mind my brain is just as capable of tormenting me and turning me into a desperate subby mess given just the merest of suggestions to work with.

Threaten me please

I often write these pieces and as I do end up thinking to myself if you made me make a list of my top kinks this would definitely have to be in the top 10. I am not sure how many of these kinds of posts I have thought that about but threats is definitely one of them. If anything is likely to speak directly to my submissive kink it is a damn good threat, one that says just enough but not too much. One that says everything but also nothing. One that sets my imagination alight with all the possible dirty horrible mean things you might decide to do to me. Threats like that? Yes please.

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Bee November 16, 2022 - 2:04 pm

I do love a good threat, it definitely ticks my boxes, although it seems like I’ve not had one in a while *skips off to poke the bear*


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