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He’s Got The Look

male Dom giving The Look

“The eyes are the window to your soul” ~ William Shakespeare

And through those windows I see his passion, desire, warning, knowledge, guidance and sometimes evil wickedness.

The Look is such a nuanced thing, a delicate and subtle form of communication between us that can act in place of a thousand words. I love that his eyes can find mine and no matter where we are or who we are with he can stop me in my tracks.

Sometimes The Look can be wicked and playful, the twinkle in his eye being one of devilish thoughts at something I, or even someone else around us, has said which has triggered off his brain into filthy dirty thoughts. That look will have me grinning back, wondering what it is exactly he is picturing or sometimes even knowing what it is, shared experiences giving me the knowledge to join in those dirty thoughts.

However that look, despite being deliciously sexy, is not The Look. For me The Look is actually a powerful part of our D/s dynamic. It is meant to bring me up short, to make me stumble over my words, to bring a hot flush of heat to my face as I realise I have pushed things just a little bit to far. It is delivered with precision and a clear intention, there are no smiles of knowing wickedness or twinkles of devilment but instead a cool harsh reprimand delivered in one glance. Sometimes it is warning, sometimes a challenge to see if I will continue to dig my own grave or if I will step back and honour my place quietly but either way it is a reminder of what we are and who I am and what that means.

In that context The Look is very simply and very powerful. I would never claim to be a compliant obedient sub, in fact part of our kink relationship hinges on the fact that I am feisty and strong-willed. Quiet and compliant would bore him, he needs a challenge as much as I need to be ‘made’ to submit but that doesn’t mean I will break rules for rules sake or that I enjoy pissing him off or pushing it too far and The Look plays an important role in maintaining that balance whilst also being a turn on for both of us. When his eyes darken and he holds my gaze with that piercing stare that is full of warning it only works because I know, because experience has taught me that he means it, because punishment in our relationship is truly that, and because at the end of the day we are two equals who came together and negotiated an inequality that works for both of us and The Look is about exactly that, his dominance and my submission to it and that is seriously fucking hot to me.

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