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69 position bodies

I love sucking cock. Really I do. It is one of my all time favourite sex things. I love it as part of sex but I also love it as an act in its own right. Giving him a blow job and him coming in my mouth or, if I am lucky, on my tits, is seriously hot to me.

My feelings on receiving oral sex are not quite as enthusiastic for a variety of reasons that you can read more about on my post, Terrifyingly Close. However a summary is that many years of not getting off during oral sex left me thinking it was just not for me. With Michael that opinion has changed and I know that with the right man who is prepared to learn my body it is hot to the extent that sometimes I will even ask for it.

When it comes to oral delights I am of the belief that for it to be really good it requires a persons full attention. Being utterly immersed in giving your partner pleasure is one the keys to great oral sex. Getting distracted in the middle of a blow job does not for a good blow job make and this is why I have never been a huge fan of combining the two acts into one, 69 style.

I don’t know where my head is meant to be. It starts off OK but then I always find one or other act taking over in my mind and that being the one I am focusing on. So either I am so focused on sucking him that I have pretty much switched off to any possible pleasure he is giving me with his mouth or, his mouth feels so damn good that I find myself idly stroking his shaft with my hand instead of giving it my full attention with his mouth. I am generally pretty good at multitasking, but when it comes to a 69 I seem to forget how to do more than one thing at a time.

But what of him? One of the things that really turns him on is the thought of me having an orgasm with his cock in my mouth. He says I suck him best of all when that happens and so for him the idea of a 69 totally fits into that desire. However because I rarely orgasm from oral sex we have basically adapted the notion. I will lay on my side and suck him while he uses his fingers or a dildo on me while I rub my clit. I still struggle with keeping my mind focused though as the sensations start to build in my cunt I often ‘forget’ about what my mouth is supposed to doing. He, on the other hand, does not, and tends to issue a growled reminder to me along the lines of

“Don’t stop sucking my cock or I won’t let you come”

This not only gets my mouth back where it is meant to be but also turns me on even more. A win, win situation which in my opinion is exactly what a 69 is meant to be.

69 position bodies

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  • Marie Rebelle

    If these words “Don’t stop sucking my cock or I won’t let you come” are spoken to me, I will definitely keep on sucking too. I love 69, but we don’t do it that much, which always makes it special when it happens. I absolutely LOVE the image!!!

    Rebel xox

  • Kayla Lords

    The conundrum of 69. I totally get it. Your reasons are why I didn’t enjoy it for a long time. For us, now, we make it a game – who can distract the other enough to make them release first. But it’s just an interlude for us so I guess that’s why it works. I might orgasm but he won’t until he fucks me. 🙂

  • Bee

    It’s definitely the element of him controlling it that makes it work for me, otherwise it is far too distracting to focus on his and my pleasure.

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