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Wax and Steel

candle and knife on ground with molly laying naked in the background

He lights the fire and draws the curtains. When I ask him what he is doing he tells me that he wants the room nice and warm so that I won’t get cold when he takes all my clothes off. It is only when he lays the sheet out that I know what he has planned.

In the end I undress myself as directed and lay down in front of the fireplace. The heat from the fire caresses my skin and I can feel all the tension slipping from me as I lay there and wait. He continues to move around the room and usually I would be peering over my shoulder trying to see what he is up to tonight, well tonight I feel warm and relaxed and I close my eyes and concentrate on the warmth and the sound of him and little buzz of anticipation that flutters through me

The sound of the lighter is unmistakable.

I realise I am holding my breath but then I hear him moving around in the kitchen. I have no idea what he is doing but I am happy laying there in the firelight and I let my mind drift. The first droplet of wax falls in the small of my back, the sting of the heat makes me hiss and I arch my back in a vain attempt to try to get away from it. There is a pause and then that first drop is joined by a series of others one after another running up my spine. I squirm and squeal as it feels like he is about to pour it on my hair.

“Hold still”

“You were going to get it in my hair” I grumble

“No I was not, but I might if you wriggle around like that again”

Before I can reply it starts again, little droplets of wax that for the briefest of moments burn like fire on my skin before instantly cooling. At first each one makes me jump and hiss but very quickly it all starts to merge into one sensation of heat which seems to be leaking through my skin and traveling directly to my cunt.

“Touch yourself”

How does he know? I think to myself. I mean really how does he know I am turned on, I have not said anything or done anything and yet he seems to know instinctively.

He pauses while I lift my hips and snake my hand underneath me and find my clit.

When he resumes it is at the edge of my body and I can feel the wax running down my side in little rivulets before grinding to a halt as they cool against my skin. My back feels increasingly hot but now that is joined by a tightness as the wax contracts back into a solid and sticks to me. You see I like my wax play hot and we find most candles for wax play too cool. Tonight he is using the ones bought from the hardware shop. Tonight is not about pretty patterns or colours it is all about sensation.

He kneels down beside me and reaches between my thighs, I am slick to his touch and he slips one of his fingers into my cunt. In the other hand is the candle and he every now and then he lets a series of hot little drops fall onto my bum. With his finger now swirling around inside me my orgasm appears almost out of nowhere and leaves me panting for breath. The distinctive smell that accompanies a candle being snuffed out is immediately followed by the sound of the knife flicking open. I am never really sure if it is the putting the wax on or the slow methodical slice it off that does it for me but as far as I am concerned wax play and knife play are like strawberries and cream, the perfect combination.

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  • Indigo Byrd

    Fascinating and sexy read thanks Molly. I’ve just bought myself some candles and plan to experiment on myself. I hadn’t thought about knife play in this context before (I was a re-enactor in a previous life – the life with Ryan, and we did engage in some tentative re-enactment based play with weapons) – but i hadn’t put the two together before.
    Indie x

  • May More

    love the line about wax and knife play being like your version of strawberries and cream. Never played with knives but read your posts and others who do, and its kinda coming in under my radar now – I think 😉

  • Nero

    I’ve never tried wax play, but I’ve always remembered that tip from Madonna – you can vary the level of pain by varying the length of the hot wax drop. The closer you are to the skin the more it hurts, apparently.

  • Tabitha

    Rawrrrr, oh lordy me, that is hot!

  • Kayla Lords

    And now I’m squirming over here. We *still* haven’t gotten to try wax play – and we have the candles!! – but I’m nervous about anything too hot. You make me want to go to the hardware store, temperature be-damned. 🙂

  • Ghostwritten

    “…it is all about sensation.” Indeed. You make us feel it thoroughly.

  • Bee

    You’ve captured it perfectly, I can even hear your conversation in my mind!

    I really want to feel how a knife cutting the wax off feels. We have a wooden one and it just doesn’t do anything for me, other than it’s sheer practicality.

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