Trolling the Net #66

by Molly Moore
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Welcome to Trolling the Net 66 and yay for the weekend and double big yay for all this beautiful weather we are having in the UK. Hopefully you have fun weekend plans and hopefully this list will give you some words and pictures to enjoy.


Cut Throat By Ella Scandarella

If you like your female characters ruthless and strong then this one if for you and even if you don’t then you should still read it because I can promise you will be hooked the whole way through.

“God, I fucking hate her. I hated her before she offered her cunt to the old man, then I hated her even more because of it. And now?”

Let’s Not Stop Talking About Sex by Isabelle Lauren

By the end of this I was cheering. It is a passionate and articulate rant about the importance of talking about sex and how the censorship of it on the internet is just a way to silence women.

“Make no mistake: the ban on sex on the internet is not “for the children”. It’s to shut us women up. It is, once again, aimed at taking away our power, our autonomy over our own bodies, our own lives.”

Self-Publishing, Transparency, And Why The Basic Premise of The Publishing Industry Needs to Die a Speedy Death by Guy New York.

This one is for all you authors, budding or established and quite frankly for anyone who writes in some way you will read this and recognise a truth; That there is a huge expectation to work for free. As Guy New York covers in his piece, the publisher, the editor, the agent are all making money whilst telling the author, the creator of the work that they can’t possible expect to. Fuck that noise.

“About a year ago, I was sitting in an agent’s office having a friendly chat about my new book, and he said, “Well, we all know you can’t make a living as a writer.”

And my first thought was, but you can make a living as an editor. And as a publisher. Or a publicist, cover designer, proofreader, literary agent, book marketer, printer, etc. etc. etc. We expect every single person in the long chain of book publishing to make a living except for the one who wrote the book.”

A Memoirist’s Terror & Insight: Writing My Ex-Husband on the Page by Jan Redford

I am fairly sure for many of us who write about our lives this is a subject that we have all grappled with. When I was approached to write a memoir I ended up not doing it, and mainly for the reason Jan discusses in her piece. How did I deal with the years with my ex-husband? The answer is, get braver, and that time is coming I think, but reading this article definitely made me more determined than ever before.

I want to share my stories. I want to read them into a microphone. I want to see them in print. I want my kids to see them in print. I still don’t want my ex to see them in print, but if I allow him to sit on my shoulder and play critic, if I allow him to silence me, it’s as though I never got out.


Missing Treasure by Exposing 40

I am super envious of Exposing 40’s trip to the seaside this week but excited to see what pictures she got as a result as if this first glimpse is anything to go by they are going to be fabulous.

Candy Shop by Posy Churchgate

Because Drumsticks are my favourite….

Airport Wanking by Tits and TestTubes

There is something so very sexy about the way the gusset of her knickers is puckered up between her legs and the way her finger is disappearing into the soft pubic hair.

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