Trolling the Net #16

By on April 24, 2015.

It is so nearly the weekend and here are some lovely links for you to enjoy

1. I have written a few posts that deal with the topic of anonymous blogging but mainly to offer other bloggers advice on how to protect their identity. When I first started blogging myself I was very much in the anonymous camp but clearly that is no longer the case, although I continue to use my pen name for various reasons. This post, Secret Identity by The Other Livvy, is about her thoughts on being anonymous but what I really found interesting was the aspect of the post that asked whether being out about her blog to people in her life could ultimately lead to her censoring herself. It has certainly given me something to ponder and I intend to write my own post on the subject at some point.

2. Would you work for free? The answer is nearly always no, how about payment but not with money, but with, say, condoms? Still no? Well I hope it is still a no, especially if you are a sex blogger/toy reviewer. Joellen (The Redhead Bedhead) post Won’t work for free (or condoms) deals with exactly this issue but for me the part that really hits the nail on the head is this “We need to value ourselves, our time and our work. Even if you are just starting out and this seems like a great way to get new followers, think about what accepting this offer does – it tells this company that you are at their disposal, that you will work for condoms. It continues the cycle of these insulting “proposals” going out to writers and it reinforces the idea that it’s okay to not pay us. You’re not only screwing other writers, you’re, in the long-run, screwing yourself.”

3. Have you ever had a crush on a couple? I don’t think I have but reading about it in this guest post on Girl on the Net inspired some wonderfully happy memories FMF threesome joys that @domsigns and I have had with someone special. Guest Blog: Couple Crush

4. Oddly my video this week is on exactly the same subject, FMF threesomes with a friend but unlike our experiences or the delicious crush that is described in the above post this one is a little more awkward. This made me cringe and laugh in equal measures


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